current mood {mermaid musings}

JUNE 4th
10:49pm EDT

Mars back in Scorpio is not fucking around. This is not a new lesson. I repeat: THIS IS NOT A NEW LESSON. Assess the repeating patterns. Anything showing up now that is triggering anger, insecurity, unresolved feelings, or a psyche transformation is Mars retro in Scorpio & it is ancient. It is Retroactive.

One of my witchy Titi's suggested I write everything I was angry about on paper. The Irrational. The Righteous. The Real. And then burn it. Gemini needs the words. The Phoenix (Scorpio)  needs the fire. I'm then to take the ashes to the water... 


I wrote my two sided paper & am holding on. Sometimes we know we're not ready yet. It's actually a Dark Moon. The vortex of release before the New Moon. For everything I'm angry about to surface.  I'm waiting for the darkest night, before the moon is New. Where there is nothing but me & what will be. 

A New Moon in Gemini (conjunct Sun & Venus in Gemini!) is light. It's air. A fresh breath. A beginners mind. New Moons are always on the Sun- new life, birth, conception. Venus is relational- who & what matters... Gemini is dual. There is no security in the questions but there is flexibility. There is adaptability & that is permission to change your mind. Learning. Unlearning. 

If you have a project, relationship (if they are one & the same this is a daaarrrk dark moon for you. time to release), or next level you have been waiting to change into, this is the time. Just remember Mars is Retro, so it is not time for action, it is time for beginning the process in the mind (Gemini is ruled by Mercury). Adjusting your thought habits & brain waves. 

June is all transitional...I know, we always think we been done with that shit but with new information comes new possibility...

saltwater & stars,