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^Rihanna: Sun in Pisces, Moon & Rising in Aries^

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 Venus went retrograde Saturday (dates of this cycle at the bottom) & I'm already feeling more conscious of my relationships (Venus) & how my values have evolved. I don't like to make a big fuss of retrogrades because I hate hype, & I think that there tends to be a panicky response around them. "WHAT WILL GO WRONG?" So I wanted to share some short yet sweet mermaid musings on this Venus rx. 

Retrogrades are time zones for reflection, review, & revision. Things slow down enough for us to notice what needs adjustment. Being aware of this vibe is often all you need to do to prepare, as it enables you to be response-able & allow things to take time. Retrogrades take us deeper than the superficial because we need both. 

Yes, Venus retro could be about your ex. It could be about friendships, hair, style, and aesthetics.  But it is our values that inform all of that. What determines the relationships we get involved in, the connections we make, the way we want to present ourselves, the environments we feel comfortable in? It is what we believe/subscribe to as important. That is Venus. That is what we will need to get real with during retro so we don't fall into irrelevant habits/relations. 

Venus is our inner god/goddess. The self loving, pleasure oriented, treat yo'self part of our psyche. The what you want & how you want to feel when you get it. With this planet retrograde, we will be examining exactly what that is. On a very individual level (Aries) that will sink  us  into our subconscious/collective conscious (Pisces), & then will be integrated back into our present awareness (Aries). This is why I have the specific dates below- so you can see how though it is called retrograde (regression), it is actually a circle. Aries-Pisces-Aries. Wholeness. 

Aries is fire, initiation, drive. So know that the best way to work with this is to find what energizes you. What gets you excited, makes you feel alive? That is what needs to be integrated into our relationships, connections, presentation, and environments. 

What is most important to you & why? 

Venus in Aries goes retrograde: March 4
Venus retrogrades into Pisces: April 2
Venus Direct: April 15
Venus into Aries again: April 28
Venus out of Aries into Taurus: June 6

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