full moon in capricorn: the constructs of clarity

Everyone's freaking out about how volatile Tuesday the 19th's Full Moon has potential to be (what's new?). Yeah, it's challenging Uranus, the chaos evolution Guru. But it's also supported by Guru God himself, Jupiter, in super-rational Virgo. Which Pluto in Cap is also trine. So I think we can calm down. However, this is a quadruple planet in Scorpio speaking, whom thrives on the Raw. 

This Full Moon is uprising the foundations of our commitments. Especially emotionally- I mean, aren't they all emotional? The Uranian twist is that it is also illuminating our commitment to our emotional evolution, not just our emotional structures. 

Are you willing [ready] to fight for the You that has always been Becoming? 

Cancer (sun) opposite Capricorn (moon) is a paradox of accepting & integrating out emotions, expressing them instinctually, & taking oneself seriously enough to know what to prioritize. How do we feel vulnerable & get shit done simultaneously? This is the magic of integration. Of Full Moons. Where our instincts (sun/cancer/feelings) navigate us through transition, when we know what we are working for (capricorn/moon/saturn). 

Feeling this all so early is an opportunity for proactivity (so Capricorn), so that when Full Moon Time comes, we're prepared to change, while always always always loving ourselves steady. 

saltwater & stars,