new moon in taurus

3:30 EDT 

Hey gods & goddesses...I hope you're prepping succulent intentions for the New Moon in Taurus. Identify cravings that you'll satisfy with time & attention. Aries is what you want- Taurus is the sustainability of it. The values & relationships that support it. 

Like, pretty much everything is retrograde. We're allowed [read:forced] to step back & watch. That's the kind of fresh start tomorrow's ‪‎New Moon‬ in ‪‎Taurus‬ is bringing. The growth of what you already planted. Roots take hold now. Trust [don't fuss with] the process unfolding. Get real & relax.

Of course, Mars Retro has things on pause. Yes, projects & initiatives retract or are on hold now. But it's also more of an internal retracing. Back into Scorpio to retrieve energy & to complete healing we may have sped by. It's really a time to actively examine what is moving you & what you're moved by. So that when Mars goes direct at the end of June, & enters Sagittarius again, your next level will be so hype.  

I've realized that the extent of my focus does have limitations (Scorpio's tend to think they are all powerful sometimes...). I can't grind for that $$ with 3 jobs & try to run a lucrative business. Leftover time is for rest & keeping up with real time tasks & relationships. Those are important too. I have to prioritize day to day. Constantly returning to my value of quality over quantity, particularly when it comes to energy dispersion. 

That is even more relevant with Mars Retro- we have to know what work is working for us & what to eliminate. Strategize- what are you going to be into right now, what's going to wait? What moves you forward...? Freedom? Power? Play? 

With all this retrograde it's obviously a good time to get some internal insight before everything goes fast forward!