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New Moon in Sagittarius
December 18 | 1:30 AM EST



The Horoscopes have been up in the Commune for a few days (check your emails subscribers! <3) and it's the weekend but I'm here to drop some mermaid musings that've been swirling around in my head. 

 I want to get everyone as excited about this new moon as I am. There is something so sacred about Sagittarius, with their wildness, truth-seeking, and trust. There is something about a new moon next to Saturn at it's last degree in Sagittarius- it is a moment at the end of a long journey. Saturn has been in Sag (view my blog posts on it here) for 2 + 1/2 years. Saturn is our teacher of mastery, commitment, and time. Saturn in Sagittarius has been all about our belief systems- the roots of our hopes and dreams. A long, beautiful, aching learning curve has circled back to the beginning. A complete circle. 

The new moon being conjunct Saturn is such a vibrant opportunity for fresh commitments. Mercury retrograde has been so telling because all the strings of the past, present, and future are being pulled for their wisdom so that we can look at what we've learned from right here and now- a vantage point we've never been at before. It may have felt discombobulating because it's been like time traveling through residue ideas, beliefs, emotions, and possibilities. Sifting and sorting. 

So this is the moment at the end of a long journey where we ask, "What's next?". This is the moment, right before Saturn moves into Capricorn, that we commit to what exactly we'll be building on. We build with what we actually believe is possible. We build on our principals. We build on our trust and hope. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter- the giver of perspective, potential, and hope. And we feel the building pressure of Saturn more clearly because of the work we've done to figure out what our philosophies are, what our potential is, and what will feed our hope. 

What do you actually believe is possible? 

We need our hope. We need to know what we know for sure and be willing to learn the rest. We need to be as open and wide as our boundaries are firm and strong. We need to see the aerial view. We need to believe. We need Jupiter!  This is the fertile foundation that Saturn in Capricorn will use to "make our dreams come true". 

Capricorn is wonderful for it's seriousness, it's structure, it's commitment. But first, we've had to do the WORK of Jupiter. We've had to dream bigger. We've had to ask the hard questions and tell the fucking truth. We've had to change our minds and grow. We've had to trust the growing pains. Without Jupiter, Saturn is dry AF. Saturn is excruciating and exhausting. Saturn needs a direction, a focus, or it destabilizes. This new moon, you get to choose. You get to recalibrate and hopefully lean into enough clarity that you can say YES or NO as you need to. If you're in between- you get to trust it will come. 

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