on Venus & the current mood


today Venus is officially clear of the shadow zone. this is the subconscious completion of the cycle. I’ve included all these fancy dates here because this is a chance to reflect on the entire Venus retrograde. what was happening around those dates? what relationships changed? what relationships ended? what people/places/things did your tolerance evaporate for? what people/places/things deepened in quality (not quantity, but maybe that too)?

I sat in a bath & realized that literally up until today, I was carrying around residue gunk-or whatever you get from the Underworld, where Venus was. Venus delved into my origin stories, desires for belonging, & the embodiment (or lack thereof) of my core values. what Underworld did Venus take you into? what cravings seduced you? Venus in sagittarius is next, so purge to make space now. go deep to get ready. remember, well-watered roots come before growth. if you feel you still got gunk, a bath or watery ritual could help…

speaking of sagittarius, we only have until Friday @5:22pm EST to enjoy the exuberant vitality. it’s been a weird sagittarius season, despite the glory of Jupiter in sag, because of all the planets in pisces we’ve been swimming with (Mars, Neptune, & not a planet but Chiron). sagittarius & pisces square each other- another reminder that we can’t go around, over, or under the incongruence or contradictions in our lives. we must go through, towards freedom. tonight (Monday @9:27pm EST) the Moon in aries trines (support through amplification) the Sun; if you want, take a moment to feel into one micro or macro initiative/action that would amplify your dreams. could you do it this week? the Sun trine innovative Uranus in aries on Thursday can assist as well.

Friday, the day before the bright & beautiful watery full Moon in cancer at zero degrees, is a potentially marvelous day. we have an exact trine (support through amplification) between Venus, planet of pleasure & Neptune, planet of inspiration. this almost directly followed by Mercury, god of communications conjunct (merged with) abundant Jupiter, both in sagittarius. carve out time for creativity, transcendental experiences, or whatever gets you blissed out. don’t be surprised by excessive candor, the nebulous, or talk that isn’t walked. anchor through enjoyment, surrender to flow, & tell the truth without expectations. practice keeping things light because it is a skill you will need during capricorn season—which will be here to ground us all soon enough.

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dark moon recommendation

active until the new Moon in sagittarius December 7 @2:20AM EST



the dark Moon is in scorpio with Mercury, ambassador of the underworld, & Venus the Producer of Pleasure. your most important contribution to relationships & the collective right now (and always) may be your integrity. the more you cultivate intentionality & listen to your intuitive directives, the less you have to do damage control or micro-manage other peoples responses because your impact is messy.

this isn’t about binaries & linearity or perfection-fuck that. the question is: what upward spirals (growth) are you interested in? remember, you don’t have to perform any energy to be present to this. you can be like honey. slow, sweet, & present. growth is tender, feels so vulnerable. you might be tired of hearing that word but it’s time, starling. time to be accountable to where & how you want to grow. because vulnerability without accountability is projection, manipulation, or damage control. and that paradigm is dying—swiftly.

“In order to rise from its own ashes, a Phoenix first must burn.”—Octavia Butler

upward spirals don’t happen in your resistance to transformation. they don’t happen when you dig your roots into “the way things are” or “the way I am”. when unhealed/unconscious shit comes to your attention, it is not a question of “do you want [fill in the blank] badly enough?”, it’s an invitation to honor the opportunities for deliverance. your shame, fear, & pain don’t have to be here to stay. it’s easy to be consumed by the deep betrayals or your self or by other people. you don’t have to stay there, either. say yes yes yes to the antidote, to what you’ve been terrified of: telling the truth, tolerating no shit, & taking up space.

don’t stay in “fuck it, fuck them, fuck you, fuck me” (unless it’s sexual, then please do your thing). admit those feelings of FUCK & know that it is the moment you can choose to transform. you want the magnificent blessings & abundance the next six months can bring? you wanna ride the sagittarian centaur into your sovereignty? remember that this year cleared a bunch of shit out the way. breathe into that space. then do your conjuring to minister to your wounds-not all of them, just the ones that are in the way. stay on your path of recovery & retrieval. be done with distractions (as many times as you need to decide you’re done) from people who can’t see in the dark or want to stay burning. let yourself dissolve into ashes because you’re devoted to rebirth, dedicated to rising. you don’t need to be ashamed of your eagerness to evolve- it’s your luminosity.

”It’s increasingly difficult for me to vibe with people—even keen, talented people—who are salty about everything all the time. Gotta have some sweetness in this life. I believe in the intelligence of honey.”@theferocity. in reply: "I found that these ppl are often not as “involved” in the business of curing these things which make them salty as they claim. The real warriors are actually dripping in honey.”—@HappySingleGal

your horoscopes for the new Moon in sagittarius will be out tonight.

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