quick note on mercury rx in scorpio

if libra is oriented towards intimacy, scorpio is oriented towards what happens inside the container of intimate relationship. what happens when you feel hurt or the relationship changes? when boundaries are violated or there’s too much or not enough separateness? how do we find our way back into love?

scorpio is the function of learning how to navigate the changing dynamics of emotional/spiritual security we form in relationships. it’s essential to remember that our autonomy & emotional well-being is the foundation of our ability to function in healthy relationships.

scorpio reminds us that relating brings up painful feelings & opportunities to repair the origin of those feelings. relationships require resilience via compassion for our own pain & that of others.

Mercury rx in scorpio at the same time is going to emphasize our learning curve here by assisting us in rewiring the way we think about intimacy & autonomy. Mars, ruler of scorpio, has been in libra since October 4 & won’t enter scorpio until November 19. in one way or another, this has had us doing this work in relationships—boundaries, asserting needs, being actively receptive, choosing love as a practice.

triple check your plans, your contracts, your money especially if you share it, & honor your energetic capacity. be patient with technical mix-ups. enter all communication & initiatives with the priority of having your own back.

but most importantly, refuse to hold onto any fear about Mercury rx. instead, lean into the lessons/observations/revelations it wants to bring you for your own spiritual-emotional well-being even if it looks like fuck-ups. judgement of your self or others is only going to hold you back in this process.

this is also a great time to review the year & investigate astrological themes for closure, then gently look at what’s incoming for your chart in 2020. we can work on this together!


uranus on your ass

Uranus is humbling to experience. they remind you that nothing is in your control. they’re unlike Saturn transits that humble you with realizations of what is in your control & therefore the consequences you’re responsible for. Uranus is accept, adapt, adjust spirals on repeat. Uranus is the death of the self in ways that make former contexts or perceptions irrelevant. different than a rebirth, it’s an upgrade, an awakening. but it feels like complete destabilization.

Uranus in taurus has opposed planets transiting 1-10 degrees of scorpio & more permanently, has opposed those with natal placements in early scorpio since spring. those with planets in early degrees of taurus, leo, & aquarius are also feeling this. if your Sun is involved (April taureans, July leos, October scorpios, January aquarians) it may feel like a kinda identity crisis.

for example, center is the safest location but when it’s under construction you can’t always find it. this transit (Uranus opposite the Sun) feels dangerous sometimes, like you don’t even recognize yourself anymore.

you’re scared because there are shards of glass everywhere from standing too close to reflections. it makes sense…tornadoes need space so they can widen into spirals upward. destruction is just a part of a process.

it’s not just a mind-change. it’s been a praxis shift, a disorganization of self into parts. some of them still feel true, some of them feel familiar, some feel fucking foreign.

nothing is going as expected— actually, you’ve barely had time to form expectations while adapting to the constant flux of self, let alone everything around you.

as an astrologer, I’m also watching as matters of money & security that are tied into identity become chaotic for many under Uranus in taurus transits. it can just not be a fun time— you’re allowed to not be intellectual or into it. there are no “right answers”. there is just accepting, adapting, & adjusting. that can seem like a hyper-detached approach but on a real level, it means taking care of yourself no matter how wild the learning curves get. it means developing new levels of patience & non-judgement. it means letting new approaches & responses emerge.

but also, “I don’t know” & “let’s give it a try” & “this doesn’t last forever” are your best friends. for more perspective on how to survive your Uranus transits, we can work together.


I just wanna make you love yourself

I speak many languages
like the words you don’t say
the things you tuck in-between the lines
but the only language I wanna speak forever is that of the stars
so I can seduce you
into your own galaxy

I just wanna make you love yourself
I just wanna show you
the magnificence of the untouchable
lights inside you
I just wanna see you set free
like outer space
explored but never owned
familiar, like coming home
every night
but too limitless to be
ever truly known

lemme be your astro-chiropractor.
lemme guide you inside so you don’t be looking somewhere else.

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