mermaid musings on jupiter in libra

I wanna talk about Jupiter today. How it will bring you what you want if you're truthful enough to ask for it. When I think Jupiter I think gifts, luck, wisdom, and EXPANSION. Jupiter brings expansion, which is a gift when things are archaic and confining. So I am grateful for how Jupiter has been an active agent in my life lately. 

I feel like when there is talk about expansion, it seems like this app go-lucky kinda thing. And it is not (usually). Expansion takes work; intention, discernment, & stretching outside of our comfort zones. For as enthusiastically generous as Jupiter is, it is still extremely dogmatic. I use the word extreme because Jupiter tends towards excess/exaggeration. Expansion gone manic. Engaging in shifts of perspective is so intertwined with our own belief systems. Never easy. 

Jupiter is transiting Libra right now (the sign my natal Jupiter is in) and has brought me so many gifts. I've expanded my thinking, my capacity to hold truths, my perspective on relationships and society (Libra), and therefore have come to points where I no longer fit into ways of thinking or relating. Libra is infamously indirect, being more concerned with impartiality. And I feel like I've graduated from that into the higher (Jupiter) aspect of Libra that is deeply concerned with justice and equality. 

I've definitely had to decrease my need to be liked  for a more engaged relationship with communicating truths and values. Libra is the need to be liked and be able to like everything, and it is very prevalent in society. We are afraid to be distinctive or discerning at the risk of seeming divisive or exclusive. But non-negotiable equality seems more important. This has not been entirely comfortable, and is still a little shaky at times, but it has been extensively freeing. It has also felt isolating. 

I have been called radical (I wish I were doing enough to earn that title) because of my Scorpionic cut-throat manner of critiquing social constructs and how individuals perpetrate the oppression that systemically, institutionally, economically,  and microcosmically affects marginalized groups. Don't get me wrong, it's an honor to be called such. However, it is also indicative of how uncomfortable people are with evaluating their beliefs, with expanding perspective, with including multiple truths. 

As overwhelming this has all been, being open about my views of social justice has invited so many people into my life who are wiling to have the hard conversations, interested in real relationships that care for each other, and are down for the cause. Which is what I needed- some righteous kinda love. Realizing what principles are essential to me (Jupiter) and that I don't want to play nice to be liked (Libra) anymore has felt like wisdom and truth. 

The way we relate socially (Libra) is deeply intertwined with how we relate to ourselves. So I want to encourage you to be in-power (a word that here means authenticity + integrity) and trust your truth. Believe in your capacity to grow. Fuck the wanting to be liked, get into some radical love-making that frees everyone. Let your cooperation with discomfort be your hope. 

For those who are affected by the kyriarchy (systems of oppression): our existence is resistance, our self-love is our freedom, our truth is our love. 

saltwater & stars