Let's get clear together.

using astrology to get to know yourself better isn’t about being fated or defined, but having clarity about what dynamics are at play in your life so you can shape your experiences differently & with self-acceptance. delving into your natal chart (where the planets were at the moment of your birth) & transits (where the planets are now), we can explore your questions about anything. 

I facilitate intuitive (not predictive) conversations centered in validating your agency & the magic already within you. because when you know yourself, you care less about what other people think & can navigate towards a relationship of resonance with everything. these sessions are no-bullshit support for those in pursuit of self-awareness & love. I practice with the framework of:

how can you use your natal chart with resonance?

how can you use the skills in you & opportunities offered at this moment to heal?

how can you shape the future with response-ability?



50 minute sessions are via phone call OR facebook direct message (type only).

80 minute sessions are via Zoom & include a recording of the reading.



this tier is a fuck-you to capitalism in acknowledgement of how it prevents equitable access to money & metaphysical services, especially for QT-BIPOC (queer/trans Black, Indigenous, people of color). these are the exact same services as the higher rates, only the pricing has been modified to facilitate access for everyone. this is not a discount & not meant for people who can afford the higher tier.


please email me with questions or concerns; do not contact me via direct message. you can read more about what informs my work here or read what others are saying below. I am not a therapist or psychiatrist. all information is confidential.

Confirmation and validation but with a baby dose of accountability
I really appreciate the human, heartfelt, and grounded way that you approach astrology- and the ways that you can just flow in the moment so presently. It felt like a conversation with an longtime friend. Thank you again!
— Jessica Arnold
I had a reading today with specific clarity goals. Ariana delivered and more. I appreciated her conversational/relationship-building approach. I also appreciated her intelligence and professionalism. She took the time to listen and tailored her consultation not only to my chart but to an over-arching holistic view of me. I had never had anyone walk through my chart before and she did that, but did in a way that made it not just personal (of course) but specific to the goals I had in mind. She didn’t just explain the what, but also the why behind all my chart elements. I left our session feeling validated, seen, and understood by her, but more importantly, I left feeling that way about myself. I highly recommend booking a reading ASAP. I really happy to have found someone I can turn to in the future when I need insight about how to keep my flow “unfuckwithable!” I was referred by a friend and 10/10 would book again!
— Stefania Pomponi
You help people to be self-possessed. Everything I ever learned about astrology before was about fear and reactivity, not about being in my power. You showed me that being who I am and working with it is possible. You did that for me. You changed my life.
— Staci Jordan Shelton
You know when something is so good and so magical you’re left a bit dumbfounded and really don’t even really know what to say about something - THAT. THAT is what I want to say about the power and beauty of Ariana and the readings she offers. She is pure wisdom, magic and delight and her readings are transformative.
— Nancy Guerrera
I had my first reading with Ariana today and I already adore her! She gave me insight into some of the things I’ve been feeling lately. I was feeling unsure how these feelings wouldn’t impact my path but I feel so much lighter because it makes so much sense now.
— Danielle Magestro-Musgrove
Saltwater Stars is my go-to astrologer for any questions I have about all the sensitive and private things I rarely tell other souls about. Lemme tell you something: Ariana is gifted. There are many talented astrologers and magical workers and spiritual cosmos-dreamers ‘round, but having a gift is a unique thing unto itself. That is where very old magic comes alive. There is effortlessness in Ariana’s relationship with the cosmos, and it is always a humbling and impactful experience to be on the receiving end. Ariana works with astrology in a way that has me convinced that she is one with the stars, and one with the gifts the Ancestors shower on her path in life. She has a knowing with proud and prominent roots that one cannot learn, one must be born with. You’re anointed with it. That is wisdom I trust with the most precious parts of myself and this life, and why I trust her so implicitly and have from the start.
— Alexis Morgan
Ariana is tremendously soulful, insightful, and astute in her astrological readings. When I and my daughter have received readings with her, she clearly and poetically reads the story of our stars, and how it influences our heart, mind, body, and soul. She is truly gifted in her star and planet readings, and you will be moved by your time spent with her.
— Trella Dubetz
Ariana told me the truth so many times during the hour that it was like she’d been a fly on the wall of my life for the past year and a half. I cannot recommend her enough for her compassion, wisdom, and ability to hold space for all the Stuff that comes up. Thank you, so much.”
— Phoenix Veritas
With clarity, compassion & deep intuitive knowing - Ariana interprets the language of the cosmos & holds space for transformation in its sharing. My session, while nuanced & layered, still offered direct & succinct messages that I hope to marinate on & eventually integrate into my journey forward with purpose & intention. Ariana has the ability to weave together the fluid & mysterious with the honesty we require for expansion. Saltwater Stars is medicine for the spirit - thank you for sharing it with us!
— Nikki Border
GORL, I feel like a new woman after my reading. You affirmed everything I kinda knew I need but gave me that extra push I needed to take action. I felt supported. Thank you so much!
— Nia Darling
WHOO! I just had a seriously awesome astrological chart reading with Ariana, like WOW. Yes!! So glad I did this, and thank you thank you! Very validating, and beautiful and encouraging guidance. Speaks to exactly where I am, and where I am going. Brilliant work.
— Bethany Amborn
Ariana’s gift of reading the stars and gathering their energy into a tangible mediation and focus guide so many souls. Ariana uses her deep wisdom and knowledge to shine light on bullshit and gives tools to burn it all down. Ariana’s vulnerability and honesty and truth giving are what make her so damn unique and special. Her voice and her spirit ring through space.
— Ashley Story
Even though I have been a practicing Witch and Pagan for almost 25 years, I never put a whole lot of stock in astrology-aside from the superficial stuff. When people complained about planets being retrograde or whatever and it messing them up, my response was, “get a hold of yourself because your argument is no better than the ‘the Devil made me do it’ argument. However, you have helped me to learn to lean into things and see that while I absolutely have free will, there is some method to the madness and I am okay because there is some planet influence. I love the no sugar-coating approach you take. Sugar-coating doesn’t do anyone any favors. You have helped me take things to a whole new perspective and I am grateful. You are currently the only astrologer this witch trusts.
HIGHLY recommend! Ariana has a gift that I can’t quite articulate yet (this was my first-ever reading), but I came away feeling affirmed and aligned and having a clear road map to my own badassery for the coming year. The notes I took in our session are gold.
Saltwater Stars offers me vulnerability and wisdom. A look into the stars from someone who is grounded in her work on earth.

For entertainment purposes only; this is not a substitute for professional therapeutic or medical consultation.