venus retrograde: the underworld, the phoenix, & love

October 5 @3:05pm est: venus retrograde at 10 degrees of scorpio
October 31: venus retrogrades back into libra
November 16: venus direct at 25 degrees of libra
December 2: venus back in scorpio until January 7, 2019


venus is taking us into the underworld, territory of scorpio ruled by pluto aka hades. more specifically, venus is taking our relationships, resources, & values to the underworld. it’s time to purge, transform, & heal our attachments. it’s time to slow allllllll the way down & get really vulnerable with ourselves about the unresolved shit getting in the way of what we claim to desire. like it or not. probably not.

venus in scorpio will reveal things about our relationship to pain, rage, & power. scorpio is the process of transforming our wounds through healing. effective action & strategy is birthed from this process. agency is birthed from this process. but the thing is, we can’t skip steps. with scorpio, it is a death-rebirth cycle. we must go from wound to rage to healing to action.

true rage can’t be pretended or performed. true rage shakes us to our core. true rage in itself is not the destroyer- the hurt that roots it is. true rage can be a change agent, a medicine, a catapult towards power if we are responsible with it. don’t conflate lies about powerlessness with rage. don’t conflate refusal to take responsibility for subscribing to those lies with rage.

when we attempt to heal without honoring rage, we spiritually bypass. when we attempt to act without tending to the wound, our energy is misdirected & we do more harm. when we attempt to rage without being accountable for our healing, our wound becomes toxic. when we are wounded but will not sit with rage so we can heal, we never act. so, it is our responsibility to transform.

transformation is when the phoenix bursts into flames, in the wisdom of knowing that it has become all it can be in this phase. everything must burn if it is to begin again, if it is to continue living. when the phoenix rebirths, it is not an entirely new entity. it still holds the life-force & experience of what it was before. to burn is compassion for the phoenix; a love it has for itself that makes it unwilling to tolerate being miserable or getting stuck in what can no longer feels like vitality.

venus retrograde is an invitation to be intentional with the space that your pain, your rage, and even your healing takes up. none of these are entities outside of yourself that you are powerless to; they directly impact your relationships & resources. you are capable of transformation & deep, deep love. this is where your resonance comes from, this is where your desires are met, this is where you begin to live again. this is love.

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