dark moon recommendation


trying to create permanence out of anything (especially who you think you are) is wasted effort.

you’re not doing something wrong if newness makes you nervous. that just means your system is rewiring, shifting, in motion.

you’re not doing something wrong if you have no idea what you’re doing but are trying anyway. that just means you’ve stopped playing prophet & started living with presence.

you’re not doing something wrong if you feel messy, discombobulated, completely foreign to your own damn self. that just means you’re doing what so many live forever afraid to do— surrendering to the reality that change is truth & the truth changes.

the dark moon (the day(s) before a new moon) is for cleansing, contemplation, & intentional resting. skipping ahead to new moon intentions/plans/actions is great yet so much more effective when we take the time to make room for those seeds to grow, to be honest about what might be in the way. taking the time to get to the root of what we want & need is never wasted effort. don’t make it a mission, just make a moment.

virgo is the pattern maker & identifier. ruled by Mercury, virgo works with the concept of fractals. this is the understanding that the macro is made up of the way multitudes of the micro overlap. consider that the themes of your self/life are not anything you’re stuck in but rather, opportunities to practice change in small ways that inevitably begin new patterns. this is how you tell new stories about yourself, your life, & what is possible for all of us.

when the new moon comes, it’s your cue to begin again. do not wait for someone or something to give you a new story or make your dreams come true. those things only happen when you take response-ability for being present to your own life & let enough of the past go to be available to forward movement. unmake up your mind about what you’re capable of or what is inevitable for you. I don’t like to beg but please, my starling, leave room for something different.

if you have been waiting for the stars to align, I must tell you that that is a matter of perspective, maybe even a matter of decision. because the future arrives when you realize it is already here. but, I must also tell you that moments as beautifully poised to support you as this one are infrequent. so abandon your complacency or self-judgement & join the conspiracy of the multiverse to turn your shine into an eternal summer.

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dark moon recommendation

sunday, september 9 @2:02PM EST | 17 degrees

saturn went direct thursday in time to help us get ready for a beautiful new moon supported by erotic pluto & ethereal neptune. on or just after the moon is new is the time to begin fresh practices, projects, or experiments. with netpune in pisces will be opposite the new moon, you'll get better results if you infuse all your operations with a trust that the multiverse wants to work with you. you don't have to be or do all the things. if saturn retrograde since april taught us anything, it's that we literally, actually can't without a cost. 

with saturn direct, there is sometimes this feeling of...what's next? what is the next project? what's the next plan? what's the next move? what do we need to optimize, capitalize, or execute on right now?  these are powerful, ambitious questions. they are important for us to be able to make the most of the time, energy, & resources we have. each moment is a reason to be grateful & that deserves to be honored.

this moment before the new moon is an invitation to be with those questions without urgency. trust the answers that time brings, trust what you have already accomplished. take inventory- not just of what you've done but of what principles are supporting your work ethic. virgo, as an observer of intricate process & interconnectivity, wants us to seed intentions that honor sustainability. because capitalism, urgency, & individualism are killing us. every day.

saturn helps us create structures of support so we can not just perform accountability, integrity, or responsibility but actually embody it. saturn retrograde was a reminder that sometimes we have to do things we don't want to do. not because of some kind of self-hatred, scarcity, or punishment model. but because our relationships, our bodies, our communities need us to be response-able. our relationships, our bodies, our communities need us to be committed to something other than personal ambitions or feel-goodness. our relationships, our bodies, our communities need us. 

sometimes we have to rest when we don't want to. sometimes we have to slow down when we don't want to. sometimes we have to say no when we don't want to. sometimes we have to take our time when we don't want to. sometimes we have to examine whether something is really working & eliminate it when we don't want to. sometimes we have to be accountable when we don't want to. sometimes we have to look at the long-game rather than what we want right now. sometimes enough is enough, even if we don't believe it. never because we've failed, but because something else is possible.

thanks to pluto in capricorn amplifying the new moon, we can plan to transform structures/commitments that are draining our power into ones that will bring us more than immediate gratification, recognition, or quick results. what we need is intuitive (pisces) strategy (virgo) to make our visions real without sacrificing resonance. remember that new moons are just beginnings- the magic happens in the process of growth. the magic takes time, practice, & surrender.

dark moon recommendation
choose a timeframe (saturn retro: april-now, mars retro: june-august, last week, today) & make a list of everything you've already done. from the tiniest things you can think of to the most obvious. list until you can't think of anything else- or ask someone to help you remember. when you create your intentions for the new moon, include a list or acknowledgement of all the things you already are doing. pro-tip: feeding yourself, breathing, & generally staying alive count as more than enough. 

you may find that this pressure to be productive, keep momentum, or be ahead of the game is an unnecessary distraction from where you really want your irreplaceable time, energy, & attention to be going. you may find that this new moon, you don't want to do more but to go deeper than that. maybe you want to do less of what doesn't serve you or those you love, & more of what does. whatever you decide, it is enough. it is enough because if you are willing to change & to be wrong, you can transform all discomfort into opportunity to learn, grow, & choose love.

happy new moon

in the dark {new moon in virgo}

New Moon in Virgo
September 20 | 1:30 AM EST

Until the Moon renews, we're in a Dark Moon phase. You can't see la luna at night anymore & energy may similarly become invisible. It seems many are feeling this strongly right now- I think Dark Moons in Leo (the sign before Virgo) are super potent because Leo is about our self esteem, our creativity, & our power. All things we need to align with to do the work of Virgo. I feel like right now we're preparing for what we may not even be able to see is coming. We're cleaning & cleansing & adjusting details- which is what Virgo does best in any scenario. The Sorter, the Healer, the Aid, the Hermione... 

As usual, I'm encouraging moon-children & mermaids to take extra care, extra rest, & extra love during the Dark Moon. This is the portal where we eliminate any unnecessary shit so we can get clear about our intentions, so we can actually give birth. I always imagine myself in a dark room alone, doing nothing but feeling everything, crying saltwater, & leaving refreshed. That's the kinda process that is going on in some way with the general energy of Dark Moons. 

They're also an excellent time for magic, ritual magic- which is another specialty of Virgo. Infusing the mundane with the Divine. Bringing thought (Mercury, Virgo's planetary ruler) into Earth (Virgo's element). Whenever I write about Virgo I end up explaining the essence of the sign a lot because there's just something so solid & tangible about it, even though all this Virgo energy right now (Sun, soon-to-be Venus, Mercury, Mars) pulls  on my emotional Pisces Moon (the opposite sign of Virgo).

So, take it easy & trust your urges to surrender & cleanse.  Write up some beautiful, sleek intentions for the New Moon in Virgo, integrate them into practical shit or support, & let them grow organically. This New Moon is an opportunity to put into practice all the Eclipse revelations, ground all the Leo fire so it keeps burning, & prepare for the liberation that will be the Full Moon in Aries on  October 5th. 

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