lick your lips: the full moon in scorpio

MAY 18TH @ 5:11PM EST | 27 DEGREES

this one sexy, wild, & simultaneously grounding full moon. the waters of scorpio are blue like the hottest part of the flame, cleansing & comforting while being dangerous. there’s something satisfying about the kind of closure/revelation that surfaces during a scorpio full moon, whether it’s painful or pleasurable. scorpio wants to know what’s real; fuck being fake or pretending or niceties based on placating fragile hungry egos. who cares if the truth hurts? it’s priceless, it’s power, it’s generative.

everyone deserves the opportunity to have the full range of motion with their agency. we miss that when we’re hiding or wanting others to play small for our insecurities. we miss that when we give our power away, forget to take it with us, or aren’t even aware of it in the first place. we miss it when we try to control everything inside & outside of ourselves. the thing is, our power is so often waiting for us behind what we’re terrified of. our softness, our vulnerability, our brilliance, our defiance, our freedom, our love, our rage. will you stay in your unreconciled places until they become swamps around you?

the Sun & Mercury are making love in taurus during the full moon. this could be bringing the light of articulation to your desires/needs or those of others. you could realize that it’s time to walk away from whatever is draining your energy, you could implement stronger boundaries. you could walk deeper into a good thing, feel a message finally sink in on a cellular level, tell someone how you feel. the Sun-Mercury is throwing you a rope if you feel like you’re drowning in the waters.

Venus has also entered taurus, their first home. Uranus was already waiting there, so this is a different taste of Venus in taurus than we’re accustomed to. it’s all the usual encouragement towards a prioritization of delightful beauty, pleasure, art, aesthetic, & sensuality rooted in a healthy love for the self. however, Uranus adds this flavor of eccentricity, chaos, the unusual, & the conventionally rejected to it. we’re finding love in unexpected places, or creating experiences we’ve never had before, or changing the very essence of our relationships to pleasure, sex, food, money…

the energy available to us right now is very creative. creativity is doing something in a different way, however subtle, than it’s been done—by you. forget about everybody else: how can you tap into your creativity to navigate life? this means also forgetting “what it’s always been” based on your former experiences & allowing your mind to reset into a beginner’s perspective. sometimes this also means something needs to die (scorpio) for the new life to birth. you can keep holding on if you want, starling. no one will blame you. but I think we both know it’s been time to set the past aflame & let a Phoenix, a you that has never before been seen, rise from the earth.

it’s time to take a full, deep bite out of life. it could be salty, it could be sweet, maybe both. you won’t know sitting here waiting for it to prove you right or wrong. take a bite & lick your lips because if you’re ready, sweetness is ready for you.

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relationships as revolution: registration is open

some of us are waiting for the revolution but are terrified to actually live our radical values in relationships, not just in temporal community spaces or conceptual theory. yet there is no community & there is no theory without relationships. without relationships, there is no revolution.


the resistance is overwhelming. the scope of the work that needs to (and will) be done for our collective healing is massive. the change is inevitable but painful & destabilizing. during Uranus in aries, our movements & personal political psyches confronted our reactivity. we confronted hyper-individualism with fierceness. we fought in ways that shattered timelines & cultural commitments.

Uranus in taurus is here to teach us how to transition with the bravery we exercised with aries into sustainability. from the personal to the collective, we are craving a more self-sufficient stability. this requires us to reject the patterns that keep us exhausted, destabilized, & isolated. what this requires is for us to implement micro-strategies towards freedom.

join me live for a workshop on Saturday, May 25th to explore Uranus in taurus & starting at the touchpoint of the most sacred- relationships designed by radical values.

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dark moon recommendation


this month’s dark moon recommendation is to lather yourself in affirmations like honey. whether you read them, write them, speak them, art them, dance them, kiss them, sing them, or just be them— it don’t matter. if it’s sweet like honey, if it’s lush like love, if it’s sure like the sunrise, luxuriate in it.

tell yourself things like: I have a good relationship with money. not making enough doesn’t mean I don’t deserve more. spending doesn’t mean I don’t deserve more. not having savings doesn’t mean I don’t deserve more. it means I need more! I love money as a resource & it loves me back. it always comes when I need it. it’s okay for me to receive money with ease. it’s okay for me to make money with pleasure. it’s okay for me to use money for ease & pleasure.

write out spells like: I create new life just by being myself. I never need to alter my love for anyone. I choose integrity as an investment into a future I want. I know what is important to me & share that with others. I am open to radical love, vulnerability, & trust. I am learning to love myself unconditionally. I am ready to thrive.

speak magic into the things you want to grow. speak tenderness into the places still sore. speak strength into the fragile seedlings. speak bravery into the fear. create beauty from the mess, from the residue, from what’s around you. create temporal experiences of pleasure to remind you how temporary all of this is. dance as long as you can, dance when it hurts, dance until the sun is almost risen & you remember what it is to start over. kiss slowly, kiss softly, kiss longer than you have before. sing your freedom out loud, sing your revelations, sing your joy. be everything you already are with fierce presence, because that waters everything you are becoming.

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