mercury retro: the aphrodite way


tie up any loose ends
 simplify any overwhelm/clutter
 make time to be in spring
get closure on the unresolved or intentionally put it on hold
indulge in the pause

Mercury retro in Taurus is a really potent time for re-loving things. Sun is in Taurus too...[Venus].  Wherever the retro Mind-God is treading in your chart is down for redesign. Beautifying & re-applying & grounding. Adjusting your practices to support abundance. Unraveling the values that aren't supportive of your Ownership. 

Mercury is the realm of connection. The information exchanges between you & others, the world & you, your heart & mind. Communication process & input application. Walking the talk. 

Taurus is Aphrodite. Shameless & sure in her wants. Effortlessly lovely in her movement. Ravenous & stingy when neglected. So pay attention...

Mercury isn't the Moon though, as far as needs go. Mercury needs to know, needs process, needs new information. With Mercury, we're talking. We're learning. We're playing around with what works, experimenting with what we know. In retro, this is emphasized. The review. Testing integration. Pop quizzes. 

I think Mercury retro in Taurus is like, yeah, I have what I need. It's enough. I'm enough. It's working. And then, wait...I'm allowed to want more? To flourish? To thrive?   

Take the next few weeks to nurture your Mercury through Venus. Re-designing. Re-loving. Your face. Your body. Your home. Your work. Your mind. Your life. To function more satisfyingly. Lightly. Find new ways to lavish & ravish yourself as Earth. As Aphrodite. 

So what are you not moving forward with? What will you be pausing? What's urgent & important? What's wanted? Whatever questions you're holding, be with them during this phase. Hold on. Patience & grace. Answers are there.