mars in scorpio {mermaid musings}

Mars in Scorpio
December 9- January 26

He’s not here. 

What do you do with grief? Are you in relationship with it as a process or a place? How do you live with it when it cannot be crossed off the list of things we’ve “conquered”?

Mars fights. Mars hunts. Mars wins. Mars is resourceful. Mars resists. Mars energizes. Scorpio dies over and over again. Scorpio thrives in grief and purging. Scorpio regenerates. Scorpio heals and cuts open. So Mars in Scorpio may have you feeling like fighting the death of something. Like hunting grief down and purging old wounds. Like re-sourcing your power so you can regenerate. Like resisting healing or cutting everything open. 

I’ve been feeling so much anger about the ways that love has been taken from me. So much anger about the ways my power was violated. The lies I believed because there was no room for me to know truth. And, I’m feeling so done with it. Done with clinging to the pain that continues to keep me afraid of coming from a place of deep love and compassion for myself and others. 

I was in Staci Sheltons Unraveled: Emancipation last week and did so much shadow work around obligation, power, and loving myself the way I want to love others. This is where I found the anger hiding, the rage of how I could’ve been loved better, the grief of how I could’ve loved better. Thankfully, Mars is a warrior. The Warrior. 

What I am saying is: there is hope. You can make it out. You can cut free. You can grieve and regenerate. Mars will work for you when you are willing to engage in the work. Repression and suppression are when Scorpio is afraid to claim power, to expose vulnerability, to heal. Because it is so easy to conflate our self-protection with our pain. This is what I’ve done for so long. I thought the only way to protect myself was with the places that hurt. Not anymore. 

It takes time to change, but there are certain pushes, break throughs, labors and births that happen all at once. With Mars in Scorpio, you could do your shadow work and get results. Trust that you can come from the tender places and transform pain into power when you love yourself enough to refuse to act like you don’t.  

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