mars in gemini: messages of momentum

Mars in gemini (March 31-May 15) is an active reminder of how everything is energy. like thoughts, the temporary & the recurring ones. like words, the ones you say to them & the ones you don’t. Mars in gemini can feel attention scattering but with intentionality, brings invigorating clarity about the connections between everything. the choices we don’t realize we’re making & the ones we do.

be attentive to the messages even if they’re not saying what you’d want them to be. that’s where forward movement happens. deceptions & delusions keep us stuck. the kindest thing we can do for ourselves & others is to be honest. because what is too fragile for the truth is too fragile for the future.

Mars wants to ignite you into deeper agency in the gemini area of your chart/life. gemini wants to talk to you about what you could learn & how you could adapt in ways that strengthen you rather than deplete you. 

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mars square uranus

we have a full moon in aries coming up (September 24). when we had the new moon in aries (April 15) it was ON uranus. now, uranus has moved on to taurus where mars in aquarius is squaring it (exact today) for the third & last time this year. this tension between mars, ruler of aries & uranus, ruler of aquarius has been an ongoing story. mars was retrograde for most of the summer & won’t leave aquarius until November 15. the aquarius/taurus part of your chart is experiencing a final push towards the future. the repetition may feel frustrating but the integration is here if you are willing to make the changes that have surfaced as necessary for you to thrive as an individual & in community.

your own chart defines what these lessons have been but themes may be: calibration around your collective contributions (what you give to the world), reinvention of how you use your energy, & updating the systems that help those activities function smoothly. mars in aquarius brings evolution through awareness, action, & instinct. mars wants things to happen right now while uranus operates on erratic, nonlinear timing. we may be full of epiphanies but frustrated with figuring out how to implement them. attachments have been cut, anger has been a catalyst, nerves have been on edge.

ultimately, this is about freedom. this is about freeing your time, space, & energy up so you can direct it towards the future you want to create. the changes you’ve been making & the evolution you’ve been undergoing might be uncomfortable, not happening fast enough, or happening far too fast for your liking. gratefully, a square means that we are learning how to work with both these energies by observing which approach is needed when. we are learning the skills we need to continue to move forward without neglecting sustainability, the collective, or getting stuck in our fears. be brave enough to trust yourself & humble enough to evolve.

“All that you touch you change. all that you change changes you. the only lasting truth is change. god is change.”-Octavia Butler