know your no & the work of waiting

sun square saturn today: know your bounds. no, you can’t have everything the way you want it, how you want it, & as much as you want of it. no, you can’t overextend without consequences. no, you can’t hold yourself back for some performative reality.‬ ‪know your no [saturn] so you can be your yes [sun].

this brings us into the questions of Jupiter beginning their retrograde today. what is enough? how much is enough? where is the satisfaction amidst the rubble of what expansion has required you to break out of? we want truth & direction & clarity & blessing—what about while we’re waiting? waiting is work. waiting is where the blessing of truth, direction, & clarity happen. because we pause, to gather up the wisdom from our experiences & experimenting. we pause, to ask deeper questions that come from wanting joy right now. not later when things are “right”. not when we’ve “arrived”. this is inside out work.

because what we don’t want to admit is that sometimes even getting what we wanted isn’t enough because what we really need is to be able to be content regardless. what we really want is trust: in ourselves, in the multiverse. what we really want is to be freed from our self-imposed limitations & feelings of insufficiency into the magnificence of our most generative & abundant beingness. what we have capacity for in this moment doesn’t determine what we’re capable of. be here now because you won’t be here forever even tho you might return.

we think linear time [Saturn] means we automatically have shit figured out. you can be whatever age and full of experience but if you don’t create wisdom [Jupiter] out of it that transforms you & your life, your age & experience means shit. the creation of that wisdom is a process not a product tho. be in process.

this is the invitation of Jupiter retrograde in sagittarius. the practice of believing what is possible for our growth. believing is a visionary practice. belief is practice. so what can you believe is enough right here?

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