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Full moon in gemini | Friday, NOVEMBER 23 @12:39AM EST | ZERO DEGREES

chosen because gemini rules the hands, arms & the color yellow. from UNSPLASH by NICOLE HONEYWILL

chosen because gemini rules the hands, arms & the color yellow. from UNSPLASH by NICOLE HONEYWILL

keep things as short, sweet, and as simple as you can because this full moon is not playing around. or actually, it is totally playing around & seeing if you are fluid enough to keep up with what it means to be learning & unlearning, celebrating & disseminating at the same time. don’t over intellectualize shit that is really about feelings, and don’t use feelings to bypass the truth.

Jupiter in sagittarius, shined on by the glorious sun for 30 days starting today, is here to expand our capacities for wisdom, truth, & abundance. this means our work over the next year but especially the next 30 days is outgrowing stagnant beliefs, deep learning, & being willing to be wrong. the sun & Jupiter are opposing the full moon in gemini, bringing us to a moment of integration. if we use our listening skills in every dimension.

the full moon in non-binary gemini allows us to enter into sagittarius season with an awareness of how complex & fluid things really are, while asking us not to get stuck in the in-between. sagittarius can get stuck in binary (either or, never both) thinking or in the fire of righteousness. this full moon is a proactive present-future reminder of how micro humans are, how slowly change happens, & how much we’ve changed over the last six months (when the new moon was in gemini).

gemini is ruled by mercury, which is currently retrograde in sagittarius. layers & threads are overlapping & weaving. messages are flowing in the undercurrents. truth is overflowing. time is being warped. insecure egos or toxic beliefs are seeping out & into communications. this can lead to feeling disembodied if we’re not micro-managing our reactivity.

pisces energy is at play here too, because of mars & neptune in pisces squaring gemini/sagittarius. squares show up as tension that we cannot go over, under, or around. we must find a creative, generative way through. there may be disappointments or disillusionments that come to your attention. use your imagination, your compassion, & hold onto your spiritual practices. they are life-rafts that channel the transcendent surrender of pisces into possibility, rather than delusion or passivity.

trust your adaptability.
trust your clarity.
trust your flow.

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