a love note

the current astro is not easy, especially for aries/libra/cancer/cap placements. sending yous extra love. June is prep for the July eclipses that will accelerate the growth & shedding already happening.

there’s a part of each of us/our lives that is dying; it’s a healthy, necessary death. yet there is still grief to reckon with. the support/approval/protection we hoped a structure/person/plan we invested into would give us never came. the ways we harmed ourselves trying to conform, trying not to conform. how we didn’t love ourselves, feel beloved, & are afraid to learn how.

the blessing is that your urge for healing is stronger than the temptation of holding on to the past. it might not feel like it but don’t rely on *feeling like it* when it comes to making choices that you instinctively know are healthy for you. the muscle is made in the choosing them. muscle is what you will need to continue thriving through the grief. better than accepting suffering as your destiny, I promise.

we’re so fucking hungry to belong, to grow & be watered. we’re so fucking hungry for home. it’s disappointing when the things we were told would give it to us are toxic. and, we can’t run away from the work of remembering (because at one time your heart & body just knew) how to love. it’s killing us.

I use rather commanding language (you can’t imagine the Mercury I’m dealing with lol) but I’m not going to tell you what to do. instead, I’ll tell you that I’m giving my attention (another word for time, another word for energy) to the kind of feel good that allows me to detach from outcomes because I know I won’t regret it. I’m giving my attention to being the first recipient of the love I already have to give. I’m giving my attention to what feels like home, uninhibited by needs for permanence or control. I’m giving attention to being tender with the parts of myself I’ve been afraid of braving.

if you’re tired of being alone & thirsty to belong, stop fighting with yourself (or others) & join me in the war against everything inside-out that’s keeping us from being generative with our hearts. how? maybe mother yourself with softness & a firmness that won’t let you stay stuck? maybe let time teach you & never stop moving forward?

we’re figuring it out—autocorrect wants to say “we’re firefighters”. I guess that’s true ‘cause the world is burning, a new one is growing & we are the water.

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