in the dark {new moon in virgo}

New Moon in Virgo
September 20 | 1:30 AM EST

Until the Moon renews, we're in a Dark Moon phase. You can't see la luna at night anymore & energy may similarly become invisible. It seems many are feeling this strongly right now- I think Dark Moons in Leo (the sign before Virgo) are super potent because Leo is about our self esteem, our creativity, & our power. All things we need to align with to do the work of Virgo. I feel like right now we're preparing for what we may not even be able to see is coming. We're cleaning & cleansing & adjusting details- which is what Virgo does best in any scenario. The Sorter, the Healer, the Aid, the Hermione... 

As usual, I'm encouraging moon-children & mermaids to take extra care, extra rest, & extra love during the Dark Moon. This is the portal where we eliminate any unnecessary shit so we can get clear about our intentions, so we can actually give birth. I always imagine myself in a dark room alone, doing nothing but feeling everything, crying saltwater, & leaving refreshed. That's the kinda process that is going on in some way with the general energy of Dark Moons. 

They're also an excellent time for magic, ritual magic- which is another specialty of Virgo. Infusing the mundane with the Divine. Bringing thought (Mercury, Virgo's planetary ruler) into Earth (Virgo's element). Whenever I write about Virgo I end up explaining the essence of the sign a lot because there's just something so solid & tangible about it, even though all this Virgo energy right now (Sun, soon-to-be Venus, Mercury, Mars) pulls  on my emotional Pisces Moon (the opposite sign of Virgo).

So, take it easy & trust your urges to surrender & cleanse.  Write up some beautiful, sleek intentions for the New Moon in Virgo, integrate them into practical shit or support, & let them grow organically. This New Moon is an opportunity to put into practice all the Eclipse revelations, ground all the Leo fire so it keeps burning, & prepare for the liberation that will be the Full Moon in Aries on  October 5th. 

saltwater & stars

cut through {current mood}

New Moon coming on Sunday, in Scorpio. So be thinking dark moon support- cleansing, resting, feeding, purging, seclusion.

Right now the Sun & Mercury in Scorpio are together, creating an intense vibe when it comes to communication. It may be difficult to resist sarcastic/cut through observations being vocalized, rage being expressed, or the overflow of any emotions/perceptions you've been repressing.

This is a potent time to approach communications/process with a below zero tolerance for bullshit combined with deep compassion coming from an acceptance of the shadow in us all. 

I can't not mention the Wild romance/pleasure/learning/seeker energy going on with Venus & Saturn together in Sagittarius. Take on new adventures that serve your high vibe & integrate a structure of freedom & truth into your life/love. 

Jupiter is in Libra so when the moon is in Libra like today/tomorrow, we're feeling big love, big scale feelings, & our needs for equilibrium heightened. Lean into this for feel-good flow. Mars & Pluto are still killin' it in Cappy, so we need to work with some Libra to clarify what we're aiming for. 

Before the new moon is a good time to get a reading on what you could be transforming/rebirthing with Scorpio. Check out the shop! 

saltwater & stars, 

the dark moon & xtra-virgo new moon {+eclipse}


The Sun in Virgo. The baby-fresh new moon on Thursday, in Virgo. Solar eclipse too. Something is changing. External or internal, something will not be the same, very soon. 

Plus Mercury. Venus. Jupiter. North Node. All in Virgo. 

Virgo is not playing around. I mean, not really it's job. Virgo is clean-up time, homework time, chore-time, fix-organize-adjust time. Virgo has an interesting air-earth vibe. Grounded intellect. Ruled by Mercury (so extra emphasis with Merc in Virgo going retro) but an Earth sign. 

Mercury will go retrograde {meaning it goes "backwards" in degrees, a dynamic that creates an atmosphere requiring revision, review, reflection} tomorrow, the 30th, until September 22. Things are already getting irritating- tech/electronics losing it, people being either up-tight or a mess in their approaches, that feeling of a to-do list creeping up on you & the consequent overwhelm. Mercury retro should not be a race against time or to-do lists, it is best operated as permission to take time. 

This is the Dark Moon in Leo. Attention to the magic in details is your support system as feelings/states of being that need releasing come up. Dark moons can be odd & eerie, time for grounding & clearing. Psyches are opening for new things, seen/unseen. 

Clarity will come, if you are open & ready, so you can practice your sacred intentions with precision. In the meantime, breathe + eat + sleep so that when you need your energy, it is there. Practice (Virgo) supporting your magic with remembering you are Human, on Earth. Work hard or play hard, but do something. Even if that something is nothing. Be intentional. The solar eclipse will jump start the energy you focus on, for you. 

There may be all this grounding-down-to-earth energy with 3 planets in Virgo, the Sun & soon to be Moon. But Neptune is in Pisces, the opposite of Virgo, blurring the line between here & now & everything in between. There is such a pressure to transcend our existence, to diminish our humanity, to evolve past our "issues". Yet here we are. Moment to moment inevitable. What would we be if we accepted that? I imagine some killer combo of humbled & powerful. 

Oh, Pisces. 

Virgo has a damaged rep' of over thinker & control freak. Really, Virgo is just good at the details. Good at healing & mending. Good at earth medicine. Translating magic into the mundane. And that's what we need right now. With all this mundane, with all this humanity, we need the magic. But no escapism. No fantasies. We need to be here now, in everything we are. Sometimes that means admitting that we're human. 

I had a sort of metaphysical experience last night. I felt uneasy since, until I just realized before writing this that it triggered my fear of the unknown. Triggered my anxiety about the other foot dropping when I least expect it. Or even when I do, because I always seem to nowadays. Triggered my over-analyzation when I could be surrendering, could let it all flow through & around me. Triggers. 

Pay attention to yours, listen for the panic. Mercury retro & the change to come will give you messages. So much lies here. The in-between. Transition. This is where you choose between control & surrender. Support & drowning. Acceptance & rejection. Self-help & self-harm. Between now & never. 

saltwater & stars

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