full moon + uranus musings on decolonization

colonization gets us caught up in hyper-individualism, thinking that it doesn’t matter what we do or how we do it because “the ends justify the means”. colonization has us thinking that there isn’t another way, that whiteness is our access point, that we are not sufficient and capable of creating power on our own. colonization has us prioritizing money and individual goals versus prioritizing relationship and critical attention to impact. colonization views community as a concept and transactional web (do good to get something) rather than a collection of real-time relationships where connection matters.

I believe decolonization is an internal, individual process but much more importantly, an active collective one. it is a set of personal commitments, direct actions, and communal practices. and it is important to call a thing what it is and what it is not. decolonization is a noun but the root of the word is decolonize, which is a verb.

Definition of decolonize
de·col·o·nize | dē-ˈkä-lə-ˌnīz 
verb: to free from colonial status.
-from Merriam Webster

decolonization is dismembering ourselves from these toxic power models and remembering our inherent worthiness that leads us to love one another. active decolonization is not centering whiteness or white proximity. It is rejecting personal agendas or capitalistic ambitions of fame, money, acclaim, or hierarchal power. it is refusing respectability or alignment with harmful leadership.

ultimately, we must be committed to destroying the power structures that oppress us. we need strategies that start with the micro and move to the macro- not because we have tons of time and a lack of urgency, but because we don’t. as I’ve gone through my own eternal learning and unlearning processes, I have come into clarity that work that preserves, invests into, or perpetuates the systems that are killing us is not aligned with collective liberation. I am here for freedom from the inside out, sustainable movement, and relationship-centered living.

for the freedom of Black & Brown brujas that are queer, radical, & learning to accept their selves & identities.

for the freedom of Black & Brown brujas colonized into religions not rooted in their freedom & so are afraid of their own power.

for the freedom of Black & Brown brujas who have been so deeply colonized they’ve forgotten they have ancient wisdom within.

for the freedom of Black & Brown brujas who have had to leave themselves behind to conform into white supremacist nonculture. 

for the freedom of Black & Brown brujas who weave magic everyday with their words and their love but don’t know it yet. 

for the freedom of Black & Brown brujas who are struggling to find spirituality without oppressive models. 

for the freedom of Black & Brown brujas who are forming their own path by being brave enough to take another step. 

for the freedom of Black & Brown brujas who are trying to reach back into ancestral wisdoms in order to decolonize the future. 

for the freedom of Black & Brown brujas who are drawn to astrology, tarot, & other magic but are scared to say yes. 

for the freedom of Black & Brown brujas who want to transform themselves to transform the world. 

for the freedom of Black & Brown brujas who know deep down that they are god.

I am here for all of us, for everyone, because that’s who astrology & spirituality is for. I’m not here to limit the ways source wants to channel & flow, in any shape or form. for this full moon however, on the eve of my 25th solar return, it is time to be clear about who I belong to & who belongs to me in the acknowledgement that we all belong together on this earth. (brujas including brujos and brujx)

saltwater & stars