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Full Moon Lunar Eclipse
Friday, February 10
8:33 PM EDT

Full moons are climax, closure, harvest, & release. Eclipses bring change & evolution; when they are Lunar, this change activates the emotional/heart realms. This can show a external adjustments yet has more to do with the internal environmental shifts. Leo wants attention- real, loving, intentional contact. This fuels the creative process; Leo is the phase of individuation, self-expression, & utilizing life force to inspire others through authenticity. 

ARIES: It’s no longer time to hide or to wait. You have been brewing evolutions underneath the surface for some time now. Everything you have been reluctant to release, or needs you have been hesitant to acknowledge, may make themselves known. You may not have what you want yet, but you are where you  need to be. And if you are not you know it & with this Leo-lion[ess] energy, you are capable of realignment. Eclipses often take time, so do not give into the Leonine impatience, but rather the self-love of instinct & assuredness that will guide your path. *Being yourself attracts the people you need.*

TAURUS: Where do you feel you belong? Who do you feel you belong to? What belongs to you? Who belongs to you? The undercurrent of these questions is: how do you feel your longing to *be*? Where is it showing up the most? With the Eclipse, you may be able to shed every attachment that is draining you of life force. You may also be [broken] open to receive life source. And if you’re in a situation where you have to choose, ask yourself “How do I want to feel?” This doesn’t negate [healing] work to be done, but it adjusts everything to support the work that is your distinct contribution. 

GEMINI: So much is transitioning & there are learning curves everywhere for you. Take advantage of the supportive closure focused Moon to appreciate what you have learned since the Leo New Moon in August…& to prepare for changes you want to make to integrate the information. This Full Moon may actually be you epiphany where it all merges into one realization that inspires, validates, & creates. It’s a lot of fire & air in the sky right now, which means intellectual integration of instinct-driven information. 

CANCER: Relationships to the material realms (finances/possessions) are highlighted, along with security/insecurity issues. Literal and/or emotional. This is your cue to release what is no longer thriving, to give yourself permission to create, & to recognize your power. Coping mechanisms for this Eclipse include but are not limited to: getting in your body, self-love, remembering that you are your most lucrative asset. 


LEO: I hope you’re feeling yourself right now. This Moon is for YOU. For everything you’ve become, everything you want, everything you’ve created to be seen. Even if it’s only really known by you. Where you need to move forward can also become illuminated under this moon, along with flashes of emotional closure that free you. Eclipses make things happen yet this is also a super supported portal for you to make things happen. Even if it’s just clearing the way for a new cycle to begin with the New Moon Eclipse at the end of the month...

VIRGO: I hate that this might remind you of a song lyric but, do you believe in magic? Do you believe prayer, in power, in directing energy into space & time? If you do, lean into that to navigate the depths that are rising within you. If you do not, what do you believe? How does it support & sustain you through the realms of the hidden self? What beliefs/hopes/fears are you willing to relinquish? You can do that now, as well as nurture receptivity to the witch/bitch-craft within. 

LIBRA: To expect your community/circle/social network to remain the same is not recommended with Leo coming up in there demanding love & respect. This Eclipse will change the relationship you have to your social life/friends & how you engage your contribution to society. It may not happen all at once, but the mutation will show it’s face. Leo is not complacent- a little self-indulgent/absorbed, but never satisfied with mediocre. When it comes to social constructs/involvements, integrity is necessary to maintain agency & strength. Demand more love & respect from yourself as well as those you CHOOSE to engage with. 

SCORPIO: Fuck all the pretenses of inadequacy, if you’re hiding behind that. It may feel like a lot you have to be showing up for, but this is what you came for. Now you can see clearly, under this sky, where you need to micro-manage & where you need to be macro-managing. Trust yourself as the Creatrix of your long-term vision. You’ve gathered resource & support, and if not you do now, so you can be fully present in whatever work you have committed to. As long as it is life giving/you find ways to give life to yourself. 

SAGITTARIUS: Irrelevant ideologies become obvious, or where your ego is entangled into belief systems that do not give room for individuation. In fact, any participation in beliefs that perpetuate oppressions on your perspective or view of others are up for reevaluation & dismissal. Leo is highlighting the internal database that informs your approach to self-expansion, worldview, & interaction with ideas. What you let go now leaves room for more light & radical love. 

CAPRICORN: What does your intimacy look like? To yourself? To those you let in that sacred arena of fears/pain/unconditional love? Are you really so deep in knowledge of you as to consider yourself as operating at full capacity? If not, what are you leaving space for? What are you resisting? “Drama” that show up right now might just be a challenge to the who you thought you were & the who you want to be. Not just in intimacy & sex & lust & power, but in the psychological depths that only you have access to. Do you love yourself unconditionally…enough?

AQUARIUS: Not to do with this Eclipse: project your own self-rejections, insecurities, repressions onto others. Do not ask from them what you are unwilling to be your self. And if you are asking for what you need, also know what you are willing to give. Do not label every show of human-ness and emotions as unnecessary vulnerability. Do: use your Aquarian objectivity to see how you can own your role in relationships/collaborations. Use that detached-approach to add equilibrium & to show up as only you can. Do: release what/who is taking up too much room, or set sacred boundaries. Be free. 

PISCES: Get in your body, get in your moment-to-moment. Shit may be acting up, so now it’s time to use all the emotions you’ve let slip under the radar, all the intuitions you’ve suppressed in the name of stability- & throw them into the mix. Get authentic. Because that’s where the power is. And you need Strength to thrive, not just survive, in the day-to-day. More than Strength, you need rejuvenation. The gates are open for you to find it now. Your New Moon Eclipse is coming. 

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