dark moon recommendation

New Moon in aquarius | February 4 @4:04PM EST | 15 Degrees

the dark moon is upon us, the draining & cleaning of the tub before we can fill it back up again with clean water. with the astrology right now, facts like some of us don’t have clean water & some of us have an abundance of it feels very present. this comes with the questions of how much an individual can impact the collective & how much the collective is response-able for holding the individual. sit with that as you must. in the grief so intricately intertwined into that inquiry is the generative love we need.

the pro-tip for this dark moon is to not take shit so seriously. it’s in capricorn, along with erratic Mars/Uranus square Pluto & the tension of the Moon passing over serious Saturn, take no bullshit Pluto, & the purging South Node. your trust issues might feel wide awake right now. it’s real & it doesn’t have to be forever. watch your default for when your scarcity/fear/distrust comes up. could you shatter the paradigm by extending into vulnerability? could you have some fucking integrity in the shape of unconditional love for yourself that makes you transparent & trustworthy for others?

in the gaps between our fears & vulnerability or our integrity & self-love are the painful traps of pretending. the thing is, starling, you don’t needa be fearless to be vulnerable. you don’t need to love yourself to have integrity. the magic is that all of these things can exist simultaneously, pulling you in perpendicular direction. it is which pulls you choose, which threads you weave with, that creates the opportunity for growth. for something different, something real, something you.

if you start feeling like shit before the New Moon comes, take a moment to celebrate how much you’ve accomplished/survived/thrived. remember times when you’ve had integrity, self love, fearlessness or vulnerability. think about the pieces of yourself, if any, that you’ve been the most uncompromising & unapologetic with—especially if they’re not the most beautiful & near-perfect pieces. there is power in you, there is a core foundation, there is beauty. celebrate what you can identify, get ecstasy from what you can now recognize.

trust yourself & yes, I’m always saying this but I really fucking mean it. you don’t got nobody but you to be managing. and being that response-able with your energy requires that you trust yourself enough to know what is needed when & that you’ll figure out the rest. that it’s okay to not know. that right now is not tomorrow & that this moment is forever & that yesterday never left the future.

saltwater & stars

mars square uranus

we have a full moon in aries coming up (September 24). when we had the new moon in aries (April 15) it was ON uranus. now, uranus has moved on to taurus where mars in aquarius is squaring it (exact today) for the third & last time this year. this tension between mars, ruler of aries & uranus, ruler of aquarius has been an ongoing story. mars was retrograde for most of the summer & won’t leave aquarius until November 15. the aquarius/taurus part of your chart is experiencing a final push towards the future. the repetition may feel frustrating but the integration is here if you are willing to make the changes that have surfaced as necessary for you to thrive as an individual & in community.

your own chart defines what these lessons have been but themes may be: calibration around your collective contributions (what you give to the world), reinvention of how you use your energy, & updating the systems that help those activities function smoothly. mars in aquarius brings evolution through awareness, action, & instinct. mars wants things to happen right now while uranus operates on erratic, nonlinear timing. we may be full of epiphanies but frustrated with figuring out how to implement them. attachments have been cut, anger has been a catalyst, nerves have been on edge.

ultimately, this is about freedom. this is about freeing your time, space, & energy up so you can direct it towards the future you want to create. the changes you’ve been making & the evolution you’ve been undergoing might be uncomfortable, not happening fast enough, or happening far too fast for your liking. gratefully, a square means that we are learning how to work with both these energies by observing which approach is needed when. we are learning the skills we need to continue to move forward without neglecting sustainability, the collective, or getting stuck in our fears. be brave enough to trust yourself & humble enough to evolve.

“All that you touch you change. all that you change changes you. the only lasting truth is change. god is change.”-Octavia Butler