dark moon recommendation [eclipse prep]

new moon solar eclipse in cancer|July 2 @ 3:16PM EST

hydrate. absorb what keeps your body well. absorb what keeps your heart soft. absorb what keeps your soul alive. absorb what keeps your mind clear.

rest. be at ease like everything else depends on it. be at ease like you e done your best. be at ease like there’s more power in the flow than attempts at control.

feel how you feel. feel it until it passes. feel it until you can shape it. feel it until you’re ready to share it. feel it & share it even when you’re unready because you are never the only one or really alone.

be still. let the waves come in & out. observe. contemplate. participate in caring for yourself & being cared for.

mi amor, at the end of the day, every motherfucking day, love is what’s left when everything that’s not it has been stripped away. love is what’s generative. love is what we’re looking for when we think we’re looking for something else-acceptance, success, meaning. all those things are other names for it. if you must make moves, make them matter...make love.

dark moon recommendation


this month’s dark moon recommendation is to lather yourself in affirmations like honey. whether you read them, write them, speak them, art them, dance them, kiss them, sing them, or just be them— it don’t matter. if it’s sweet like honey, if it’s lush like love, if it’s sure like the sunrise, luxuriate in it.

tell yourself things like: I have a good relationship with money. not making enough doesn’t mean I don’t deserve more. spending doesn’t mean I don’t deserve more. not having savings doesn’t mean I don’t deserve more. it means I need more! I love money as a resource & it loves me back. it always comes when I need it. it’s okay for me to receive money with ease. it’s okay for me to make money with pleasure. it’s okay for me to use money for ease & pleasure.

write out spells like: I create new life just by being myself. I never need to alter my love for anyone. I choose integrity as an investment into a future I want. I know what is important to me & share that with others. I am open to radical love, vulnerability, & trust. I am learning to love myself unconditionally. I am ready to thrive.

speak magic into the things you want to grow. speak tenderness into the places still sore. speak strength into the fragile seedlings. speak bravery into the fear. create beauty from the mess, from the residue, from what’s around you. create temporal experiences of pleasure to remind you how temporary all of this is. dance as long as you can, dance when it hurts, dance until the sun is almost risen & you remember what it is to start over. kiss slowly, kiss softly, kiss longer than you have before. sing your freedom out loud, sing your revelations, sing your joy. be everything you already are with fierce presence, because that waters everything you are becoming.

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dark moon recommendation


dark moons are the time right before a New Moon, when we’re preparing our interior grounds for the seeds we want to plant. it’s a time to rest, hydrate, contemplate, & cleanse. we might feel insecure, angsty, & emoceanal. it’s a time to be gentle, to be easy, & take what comes up as valuable information about what you’re ready to release/change. even discord & discomfort can mean you’re in sync…

as for the flava of the New Moon: aries job is to follow impulse. aries is supposed to be directed by desire. actually, we are all supposed to be. it’s that beginner’s impulse, that innocence that keeps us trying again & again. the risk it is to be alive, to be truly present. aries is the start of life, that moment we wake up. birth. aries is guided by a self-trust informed by instinct rather than experience. the relationship to desire is instantaneous, visceral, & full of fire.

here’s where capricorn comes in tho: I keep saying Saturn & Pluto are not fucking around. out of all the planets, they fuck around the least. that means somewhere in your chart/life you’re being taught how to not fuck around. in more encouraging news, they’re also here (in conjunction with the South Node) to get the shit that’s in the way of what you’re ready to create in your aries area of life OUT. it may feel like pressure but you can really use it as a catalyst of agency & devotion to your self/work/love.

meaning: capricorn wants to help aries direct the desire & fire towards what will be sustainable in the long term. you’re response-able for shaping a future that comes whether you’re ready or not. that aries ability to be completely present to the here & now, the good/bad/beautiful of this moment, is an incredible place to generate from. look further than right in front of you. look deeper than everything that is behind you. what do you fucking want? sometimes it does just come your way. most times, you have to create it, initiate it, show up for it. take yourself seriously enough to invest your energy/attention into what’s really important to you. stay clear on it; that’s power. ‘cause this shit is short.

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