a love letter to the moon in libra

your whole life is a love letter.

even when your heart is broken by the cruelties of what it means to love as an ethic in a culture that treats love as a transaction, you choose love. is this what it means to be beautiful? is this what it means to be true?

I think so. if I didn’t, I’m sure you’d persuade me with your soft logic & firm tenderness. the bravery you have in the gray spaces is art to me, the way your justice is grace is a masterpiece. your whole heart is a persuasion.

for those like me who have experienced love as the origin of punishment rather than pleasure, you’re a revival. how do you do that? how do you make love make sense again?

on behalf of everyone who misunderstands your ability to appreciate & uplift human beauty as the medicine of being alive that it is, I apologize. don’t take anyone’s underestimations of you to heart. as @ says, “Shallow” is a moral judgement not a reliable measure of your depths.”

I love that your depths are sweetened by an honor for aesthetic. I love that your judgements are softened by empathy. I love that your mind & your heart make love like the kiss of an early autumn breeze while the sun is still warm on my skin. I love that your heart can grow wide & deep. though not everyone is open enough to see it, I adore you for it.

I know you choose love to heal yourself as much as you choose love to heal us. thank you, because when you heal yourself you choose love & heal us all.

the moon has been in libra since Saturday morning & will be there until Monday morning. tell me in the comments what a love ethic is to you & of course, share this with your libra bbs.