a love letter to the moon in virgo

would you let me love you like you love? finding your brokenness & repairing it with firm tenderness? discerning what would be the most useful containers for your divinity?

everybody wants to make beautiful things, enjoy beautiful things, but it’s you who holds the in-between with your whole heart. it’s *keeping* things beautiful that is your gift, and I hope you receive the gratitude & honor that intentionality deserves.

more importantly, I want you to love yourself this way. do you know you’re worth the same intentionality you offer? do you know that it’s your work to protect the gift of finessed love you give? just because you have it doesn’t mean you need to offer it to everyone who needs it— it’s sacred.

I love watching you show up so tangibly with your care. but never underestimate the mysterious ways you’re tapped into the ethereal, weaving it into everyday magic. thank you for that. thank you for being trustworthy & response-able. 

now I wanna watch you learn to rest, care for your soul, create patterns that affirm you are effortlessly brilliant. effortlessly.

this one, this one is for the virgo moons holding the world together with their practical magic. here are all the thank yous you never got.