a love letter for the moon in taurus

a love letter for the moon in taurus

thank you for holding shit down when nobody else goes slowly enough to do so.

the way you move is so tender & so firm. you are so solid & sweet. please forgive them for thinking you don’t need to be held too. tell us what you need more often— you’ll be given what you’re willing to receive.

you don’t have to hold shit down alone. trees are tall & seemingly singular but are actually deeply interdependent. that’s you, with your sense for relational needs & primal pleasures. thats you, in touch with what connect us fundamentally.

I love watching you learn to let go. it’s a spring time blossoming & unfolding. I love watching you unlearn how you hold yourself back.

thank you for bringing the power of trusting gut feelings & the tenacity of inner resourcefulness to my attention with such constancy. your love is steady, incomparable in its devotion. timeless, really. like these trees.

the moon is in taurus until Thursday evening. give thanks to the steady love(s) in your life.