a sabbatical note


today begins a short yet hopefully excessively sweet sabbatical I’ve been planning for a year & I’m really fucking happy about it. I wanna tell a whole story about it but you don’t got time & I don’t got the juice right now because a bitch needs a break.

if you want my astro-advice for August since I won’t be present here much, I recommend subscribing to the horoscopes.

if you would like to book a session, you can do so anytime as the calendar is open for September-on.

if you have questions/concerns about your subscription or hiring me for a workshop, please email me & I’ll respond the last week of August.

I’ll be coming back with deeper Saltwater & brighter Stars. in the meantime, I’m open to receiving well wishes or comments/dms/emails about how/why my work has impacted you.

you are why I’m here; why are you here?

see you...

p.s- I will be on twitter more than anywhere else so if you have one, follow me!
p.s.s: oh & if I get to 2K followers on instagram during August, I’ll come out of sabbatical for an IG live Q&A party!

saltwater & stars