dark moon recommendation [eclipse prep]

new moon solar eclipse in cancer|July 2 @ 3:16PM EST

hydrate. absorb what keeps your body well. absorb what keeps your heart soft. absorb what keeps your soul alive. absorb what keeps your mind clear.

rest. be at ease like everything else depends on it. be at ease like you e done your best. be at ease like there’s more power in the flow than attempts at control.

feel how you feel. feel it until it passes. feel it until you can shape it. feel it until you’re ready to share it. feel it & share it even when you’re unready because you are never the only one or really alone.

be still. let the waves come in & out. observe. contemplate. participate in caring for yourself & being cared for.

mi amor, at the end of the day, every motherfucking day, love is what’s left when everything that’s not it has been stripped away. love is what’s generative. love is what we’re looking for when we think we’re looking for something else-acceptance, success, meaning. all those things are other names for it. if you must make moves, make them matter...make love.