relationships as revolution: registration is open

some of us are waiting for the revolution but are terrified to actually live our radical values in relationships, not just in temporal community spaces or conceptual theory. yet there is no community & there is no theory without relationships. without relationships, there is no revolution.


the resistance is overwhelming. the scope of the work that needs to (and will) be done for our collective healing is massive. the change is inevitable but painful & destabilizing. during Uranus in aries, our movements & personal political psyches confronted our reactivity. we confronted hyper-individualism with fierceness. we fought in ways that shattered timelines & cultural commitments.

Uranus in taurus is here to teach us how to transition with the bravery we exercised with aries into sustainability. from the personal to the collective, we are craving a more self-sufficient stability. this requires us to reject the patterns that keep us exhausted, destabilized, & isolated. what this requires is for us to implement micro-strategies towards freedom.

join me live for a workshop on Saturday, May 25th to explore Uranus in taurus & starting at the touchpoint of the most sacred- relationships designed by radical values.

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