stay with yourself

one of my favorite ways to utilize astrology is helping community organizers, facilitators, activists, healers, etc. get clear about what contributions are most aligned with who they already are & will continue becoming. as people committed to visionary tactics for change, we can misuse our time trying to fit into containers that we think will make us useful.

I believe we each need to shape our own container & offer that to the spaces that recognize & honor the need for it. I believe we are most useful when we move in organic ways, trusting that our truth is generative. resonance with yourself & the work you offer to community is what ignites sustainable, radical change. don’t get stuck in a shape that doesn’t fit. you have your own.

it’s taken me 10+ years to put words to it but I realize more everyday that part of my work in a session is to doula your dying selves & midwife the birth of your power. in other words, to shatter binaries so that what’s real can remain. & what’s real is you. I talk about anything & everything (yes, even THAT) with the people I’m fortunate enough to work with & somehow it always circles back to some absence, desire, or expression of love. love as power, power as love & the self as an actualization of both.

this requires you to stay with yourself (& be held there by space-makers). don’t leave yourself for nobody. throne yourself. because if you are the multiverse & the multiverse is you, do you really need to be out here grasping? I think not. 

booking for June, eclipse prep month, is available.

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