how does revolution begin?

I wanna talk about what I mean by revolution.

I'm not one of these spiritual white women out here using radical & revolution every other sentence like that's supposed to mean something, so I wanna say a little bit more about that. neither is the word (for me) a kinda beacon for activist credentials or accolades. I'm really talking about the concept. more importantly, my use of the word revolution comes from a lineage of people who have been talking about what revolution actually means & actually is (BIPOC folx of course).

I think it's important to name that there's not one answer & we'll be talking about that in the workshop. thinking & talking about revolution is really about being with the questions honestly. how do we get radical & get there? one of my fave thinkers & most esteemed community activists Jimmy Boggs & his wife Grace Lee Boggs were talking about how revolution begins with changing our values: what we find important & why.

I think that's so essential because the revolution will never happen if we don't start inside ourselves first & the ways we've internalized the kyriarchy. because this shit exists because people exist. so it's people that need to change, not just the intellectual approach. so relationship as revolution is about how we can apply what's important to us & why--how we can examine what's important to us & why and how we're living that out in relationship to ourselves & others. because that's where it all begins.

I don't use these words or say these things lightly. they're not buzzwords, they're not cool. they're ways of being that BIPOC have been fighting for for a long time. revolution is already happening & has been happening inasmuch as it isn't happening. these convos aren't about how we start something new but how do we honor the lineage & legacies already available to us?

if you wanna talk more about this with me, join me next Saturday!

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