mars in gemini: messages of momentum

Mars in gemini (March 31-May 15) is an active reminder of how everything is energy. like thoughts, the temporary & the recurring ones. like words, the ones you say to them & the ones you don’t. Mars in gemini can feel attention scattering but with intentionality, brings invigorating clarity about the connections between everything. the choices we don’t realize we’re making & the ones we do.

be attentive to the messages even if they’re not saying what you’d want them to be. that’s where forward movement happens. deceptions & delusions keep us stuck. the kindest thing we can do for ourselves & others is to be honest. because what is too fragile for the truth is too fragile for the future.

Mars wants to ignite you into deeper agency in the gemini area of your chart/life. gemini wants to talk to you about what you could learn & how you could adapt in ways that strengthen you rather than deplete you. 

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