when horizon is a feeling, an experience, a longing. when horizon never means the edge of open landscape, instead meaning the edges of an open heart. horizon as unbelievable, a conceptual training ground for those with no trust in possibility. when the approach of summer is the only horizon worth waiting for.

the horizons we make for ourselves. the horizons given to us. the horizons that never come. horizons as a place you make home in when you’ve never really known the feeling. the experiment of trust as a horizon, something visible but not yet here, maybe never reachable. the horizon as the place the sun makes love in the evening & gives birth in the morning.

horizons as learning curves that just lead to other learning curves. horizons as the people, places, & things that bring us hope. that teach us vision. that show us how to love the future with as much devotion as it’s taken us to be where we are now.

for more on horizons as places of experiences & containers of being, join me for Houses: a Workshop on Where Life Happens.