sweetness, protection, & power

Moon in cancer until saturday. 
choose sweetness. 
feel what you feel. 
don’t project your shit.

Moon in cancer can feel hard because it opposes the capricorn stellium we’re processing right now—Saturn, Pluto, & the South Node. like there is no running away from where we feel powerless, stuck, or messy. it can feel like this THING (could be a person, situation, whatever) is draining your power. it can even just be fear itself or the confrontation of what you need to be more response-able with. hell, just rewriting our narratives & altering our self-sabotaging patterns is exhausting shit.

Moon in cancer wants to be held, to be safe & emotionally secure. there’s a vital need for tenderness, reassurance, & clear containers to pour love into. self-protection is a cancer specialty, retreating into the shell the moment a threat may or may not appear.

this has me thinking about my own self-protection. I know what it’s like to be hurt on purpose, for it to be intentional & cruel. sometimes it’s hard to remember that not everyone is trying to do that or would even want to. simultaneously, I’m not trusting people whose primary filter is contempt or diminishment because they haven’t accessed their own power inside.

this is the wisdom of water. it is fluid. the navigation strategies are intuitive & instinctual, not binary or finalized. there’s the flow, held by the earth, held by the trust in self. ultimately, you can always call your power back to you. chant that if you need to. because the cancer-capricorn axis is about minimizing reactivity in favor of investing into the longevity of emotional well-being & structural support for that. in a phrase: sustainable success.

p.s: BIPOC community! I’ll be in Brooklyn, NY giving a LIVE workshop on Uranus in taurus next month at the Who Heals the Healer? Convergence! details here.

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