dark moon recommendation

MARCH 6 @ 11:04AM EST | 15 DEGREES

pray to yourself. document the sacred. know you’re going to time travel. forget about staying relevant. love this new moon like the multilayered portal into the past & future it is, tethering yourself to the present with patience. hold onto your most resonant medicine: prioritize it, expand it, deepen it. begin nothing & everything again & again until you emerge on the other side cleansed by the waters of ambiguity that teach you to surrender control. then you can begin for real (aries season got you, don’t worry). because fantasies are delicate at this time. you can fill the spaces between dissolving illusions with them if you wish, just know they may not stay. not here, not now, not yet. try becoming comfortable with people/places/things feeling on pause, feeling far away. it’s okay, you’re okay.

everyone & especially those of us with delicate relationships to our mental/physical health: take your ebb & flow seriously. tend to your needs with the most tangible strategies you can weave together. ask for support. practice the kind of vulnerability that makes you want to run & hide forever afterwards but that allows you to be held in the lingering. honor your edges; don’t be reckless with them no matter how tempting it may be to think that would relieve you from having to hold on anymore. refuse to subscribe to ideas of self-sufficiency or reliance that only serve to separate you further when what we need right now is a more embodied understanding|praxis of interdependence & interconnectivity. most importantly, b o u n d a r i e s.

on Mars in taurus & Saturn in capricorn: the planet of drive & the planet of linearity itself are supporting the New Moon from the realms of earthy sensuality & structure. there is not as much fragility as it may feel like if you’re able to tap into the pleasure of the pragmatic. give yourself food, give yourself sex, give yourself ground. open your hands to receive the fulfillment of taurean needs for desire-rooted pleasure. simultaneously, let Saturn show you the sexy ways of designing a life-framework of practice making progress, no fucks being given to perfection. it’s all back to basics in honor of the future you’re building. let rest be your default, if only for the month.

make them prayers wide & dreams deep to carry you floward…

saltwater & stars