when venus returns

when Venus returns to the sign it was in when you were born, They wanna show you how to appreciate yourself, how to give attention to relationship/resource patterns determined by the value you hold (or don’t) for yourself. depending on the situation of your natal Venus (what dynamics Venus activates in your own chart), this can be more or less of a pleasurable process.

when Venus returns, you can become surrounded by reminders of your beauty & importance. you may find yourself needing more of them, keenly aware of the dissonance between what you’re worthy of & what you continue to choose to accept. you remember that it is your response-ability to surround yourself with reminders constantly. this is an unlearning because in this nonculture of whiteness, the excess & sensuality of Venus is acceptable but the importance of sustainable pleasure & abundant resources is rejected.

when Venus returns, They’ll remind you that love is a ritual. it’s an atmosphere made of sequential choices in the direction of honoring what you have to give & your capacity to receive. relating & sustaining resources becomes pleasurable here. it’s the equilibrium (not to be conflated with the myth of balance) that allows for investments to be generative. this understanding is vital because many of us have internalized the idea that we must become less important to ourselves to be considered important by anyone else.

when Venus returns, you notice how everything is a mirror. you can view yourself honestly, admitting to your desires & infatuations with getting your needs met. you can accept yourself for the things you want without it meaning you need to have them right now. you can give grace to others in the acknowledgment that they’re allowed to want different things.

when Venus returns, it’s easier to recognize the beauty of when you want the same things as someone you share pleasure with. it feels more possible to hold onto the possibility of love even when you don’t. you remember why connection is so fucking important & that quality > quantity forever & always, no matter what. you may feel insatiable, hungry- but this is not a new thing. it’s a very old, ancient, perhaps buried thing. let it awaken.

when Venus returns, may you learn new lessons about how to love yourself. may you be shown in ways you couldn’t misunderstand how valuable, important, & necessary you are. may connection find you if you are exhausted of looking for it, may you let yourself look for it if you have not yet begun to believe you deserve it. when Venus returns, may you integrate the understanding on deeper levels that abundance is a way the multiverse works, not a status you earn or achieve by earning or abandoning yourself.

this is libra season relevant since the sign of Pleasurable Equilibrium is ruled by Venus, the Desire for Pleasure itself. if your Venus is in libra, your Venus return ends today as Venus has entered scorpio. if your Venus is in scorpio, it’s just beginning. return or not, we can talk about your Venus anytime.