a love letter to the moon in SAGITTARIUS


I love your ability to believe in the extraordinary, to love me like I’m extraordinary. the depth and width of your heart is like a grand canyon that I’m not afraid to fall into. will you be still long enough to let me?

I promise I won’t hold you down- only how you need me to, only like the stones around a fire allowing it to burn brightly & safely. I’ll make honest work of loving you like you make miracles out of me.

did you set yourself free thinking you couldn’t be loved? did you choose love thinking you couldn’t be free? but ancient prayer that you are, don’t you know that if anyone can have both, it’s you?

I celebrate that your mind is curious because your love requires it. I celebrate that your innocence is fresh because you know it’s holy. I celebrate the spaciousness with which you hold truth & possibility simultaneously.

please keep growing, helping me see clearly in the purity of your light. please keep growing, leaving behind the binaries that make you thing there are feelings you’re not allowed to have. reclaim your right to feel everything. I trust you will stretch it into wisdom.

the moon entered sagittarius Wednesday & is there until Friday afternoon. dedicate this love letter to the ancient prayers answered in the form of someone you’re honored to breathe, play, & feel spontaneous in your presence.