throne yourself

new moon partial solar eclipse in leo | saturday, august 11 @5:58AM EDT 

"how many prayers must cross in the sky, at odds, to confuse the gods into hiding? (for isn’t it true that the idea of god corrupts us, tricks us into diminishing our divinity until we forget how to be answers?)"-adrienne maree brown

our doubt that our full hearts make for clear eyes and that we will KNOW it when the love is real is at odds with the reality that we are god. this leo eclipse hopes we are no longer interested in striving for people to change. this leo eclipse wants us to be in our own godliness so that it doesn't matter if they change or not. it is time to throne ourselves. not to engage in mimicking our oppressors domination olympics, but to do right by ourselves & our people. to offer our most necessary, righteous, holy, & humble contribution.

every eclipse is a portal & what we carry through matters. we don't have to settle or try to make anything less than what feels right work. because miracles exist and are out there spiraling towards us. we are them, too. we hold within ourselves the capacity to simultaneously be who we have been, who we could be, & who we are right now. everyday, you choose. you may not be feeling very strong right now. you may be feeling all the tenderness of what it means to be human, to be changing, to be vulnerable. you may be coming up against the humanity of others, which is sometimes disappointing. sometimes glorious.

being in right relationship with our selves is what allows us to accept & adapt, rather than feeling subjugated or resistant to what is evolving in or around us. there are no on & off switches. it is all a practice, a play, an experiment. we will have a full moon total lunar eclipse in leo in January...consider from here to there your time container for learning what it feels like to be in all your power & to own your response-ability to shape.

when the moon is new & this moment has passed, the process of integrating will still be here. be patient with it- because it is only the measure/illusion of perfection that makes us think we are supposed to be anyone but who we are right now. 

may nothing less than deep presence & life-giving love come through this eclipse portal with us.

saltwater & stars