cancer full moon at zero degrees

Saturday, December 22 @ 12:48PM EST

a butterfly emerges from the cocoon. it took longer than the caterpillar had imagined. it took more strength, commitment, & bravery than the caterpillar had even known it possessed. the complete mush it had become was terrifying & reformation seemed like a fantasy. but here you are, free from the death & fresh in the rebirth. yes, you can fly now. surprisingly though, you’re exhausted. in your excitement, you forgot that of course you must need a moment of rest after all that enormous effort it took to become what you are now. so the butterfly takes many long, slow moments to sit in the sun. to let their tender wings dry & strengthen. to reorient to what it means to be a butterfly now. there’s no urgency in these moments, no fear that somehow they will become a caterpillar again if they don’t FLY RIGHT NOW. because they know that too fast too soon means they will will tear. every rise & fall of their wings is an act of confidence, trusting that when its ready is when its time. stillness is the practice, freedom is the reward.

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