dark moon recommendation

it is a dark moon from monday until the new moon in scorpio @11:02AM EST wednesday. details are in the horoscopes.

we often hold these binary ideas of what qualities can & cannot coexist. water dissolves them all. it is gentle AND forceful. it is consistent AND complex. scorpios element is water. it is in-between these binaries that the discomfort of scorpio season lies for many. it is the depth & intensity, like rivers shaping crevices that make mountains. the water that carves landscapes, the water that is most of this earth. the water that is us.

there is strength in your gentleness. there is wisdom in your complexities. there are resources in your crevices. you can carve mountains of hope with your healing, mountains of perspective & power. first, you must be water.

scorpio is water + mars + pluto. this is no lightness of heart. this is no nonchalant fluidity. this is not sagittarius season- yet. scorpio is the work of getting shit right on the inside. scorpio is the medicine of death & rebirth we need when everything hurts, when things go dark, when trust feels impossible. 

your most resilient resources are inside: accumulated from love, ancestors, relationships, and everything you’ve been intuitive enough to gather on your way here. you don’t have to suffer to prove you’re not taking your blessings for granted. you can enjoy them *because* you take nothing for granted. reach in. reach out. 

sometimes we must thoroughly be with what is ending to be present to what is just beginning.    

saltwater & stars