ready or not {Aquarius full moon lunar eclipse}

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius
August 7 | 2:11 PM EST

The Starchild Tarot by Danielle Noel 

The Starchild Tarot by Danielle Noel 

I don't wanna go on with astro lingo- most of you probably know this Eclipse is coming. I do feel like this one is full of hard questions. Aquarius is an air sign- this is a blend of air & water (moon). What we think about how we feel, what we feel about how we think. But really, the twist is that Aquarius is ruled by Uranus. This Full Moon will WAKE YOU UP. Your feelings might overwhelm or surprise you. 

I think in the Aquarius part of your chart you may not be used to navigating with your heart. Aquarius is ultimately altruistic but in a more...humanitarian than sentimental way. This Full Moon is like a big dose of THIS IS HOW I FEEL & WHY in an area of your life that you're usually more detached in. But this is an Eclipse. This is time to upgrade. 

But what the fuck does that really mean!?!? What are you even trying to get free from? Why do you need to? Why do things have to keep changing?? What if you don't want to fucking change anymore? What if whatever is coming to a close is something being ripped from your hands? 

Sometimes I'm tired of all the evolution. Of all the spiritual words & descriptors for the pain in the ass that transition actually can be. How sometimes there seems not to be enough space for us not being ready. How sometimes things come crashing to end when the lightning strikes & we're holding on for life. And we're left in the heartbroken ruins.

This is not what I wish for you, for any of us. But I want to make space for the reality of Aquarius deconstructing everything to reconstruct something evolutionary.  And it is not always fun, expansive feeling, & flowy. Aquarius is a fixed sign- focused & hard to recourse. But I believe you got this. 

A card I pulled for this Eclipse is the Tower. It's been coming up from me lately. The Tower is change, it is unexpected yet simultaneously the climax of what we've know is coming but maybe wouldn't look at until now. And this require an immense amount of trust in our capacity. 

Though I'm not sure what's coming my way aside from a few inklings here & there, I was not surprised to see the Tower. If I had to pick a card for the kinda Full Moon this is, that's the one I would've picked. Ready or not.  


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