enter leo, your host for eclipse prep

Sunday morning on the East Coast of USA was a glorious New Moon in Leo at ZERO degrees. The beginnings of beginnings. The Alpha. For some of us, much came up to be released beforehand to make room for the new. For others, much began to fill up the space that had been ready. I suspect that it's a bit of both for most of us. I've been explaining this New Moon as a prelude to the Eclipses in August. Aquarius owns the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on August 7. Then Leo is BACK for a Solar Eclipse New Moon on August 21. What I'm feeling is super cool about the second Leo New Moon is that it will be at 29 degrees. The last degree. The Omega. 

I'm currently in a week long Unraveling about Reclaiming Power. Leo season was coming & it became apparent that I needed it. Needed something to remind myself of my power. To integrate everything I've learned the past few years, and to dismantle the ways I've repressed it or used it to protect myself instead of being response-able. No judgement, just honoring what feels good & what no longer does within my relationship to myself. 

This is what I encourage us to play with during Leo Season...until the Solar Eclipse. Lead with your Heart. Leo is the Sun. The Heart. The Center. You're allowed to BE with that & nothing else if you need to. If you want clarity, that's usually a route to it. Leo has an enormous amount of love & sunshine to give when it's seen, validated, loved in return. Think of your heart, your life, your self like this. Do you See yourself? 

This can look as simple as making a list of things you want, experiences you crave, feelings you desire. And then planning action around that. OR, it can look like affirmations- speaking love to yourself. Making love to yourself. Play with yourself. Reclaiming means you already have it. You just need to take it back or fill it up. I went in depth with all of this in the Horoscopes, of course. 

It's not too late to set intentions that will be super powered by the Eclipses. What do you want to feel? What do you want from life? From love? And how much of that can be-come from taking response-ability for your power? 

The Shop is always open so we can talk 1:1. I have extra time now & most of August. Take advantage ;) 

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