new moon in gemini {mermaid musings}

New Moon in Gemini | 4 DEGREES
Thursday, May 25 | 3:44 PM 

Happy New Moon! And Happy Birthday to the Gemini Suns!

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Gemini is such interesting energy to work with. As a New Moon, the merging of our seen & unseen selves, Gemini brings so much information from the underworld. The words we haven't been able to say yet. The things we haven't communicated or even admitted we wanted. The beginning of new learning curves & exchanging ideas. A refreshed-reset mind that can engage in new ways. Gemini changes their mind so quickly it makes them seem two sided, but really they're just capable of noncommittal exploration which is essential to filter through bullshit & choose direction. 

Endless curiosity, constant inquiry- these are states it is sometimes hard to hold on to when you want to KNOW. It is hard to be in process when we want to just BE. It is hard to trust enough to be able to learn & grow even when the direction is unclear. This New Moon is our opportunity to lean into this though, in whichever sphere of life it is birthing in. 

Take a moment. Rest. Be with the questions. It is okay to be with the questions, to be in the search for answers. It is okay to want to know but not yet know & do the work anyway. It is okay to change your mind, start over, & change it again. It is okay to be in the never ending learning curves. They are curves, not linear scheduled time-lines. 

Mars in Gemini right now is working on getting us to communicate what is needed & reignite our ability to hunt for the answers we need to questions we've held for too long. Saturn is opposite this process, in Sagittarius- but I think that Gemini & Sag work together pretty well. Even though Saturn wants us to structure, to commit, to choose. Mars in Gemini is gathering info & Saturn in Sag will integrate it into the restructuring of our belief systems. We need Gemini (info/communication) to do Sag (beliefs/direction) work & vice versa. 

Mercury, ruler of Gemini, is in Taurus so it is a little easier to ground all the epiphanies, realizations, or influx of input-output than usual. Listen to your body, get in touch with the earth, or invest into some simple pleasures/ pragmatic actions to support yourself. Keep it real real simple if you need to. Messages are louder in the quiet sometimes. 

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