the pregnant pause + full moon 'scopes

Full Moon in Scorpio
May 10 | 5:42 PM EDT

Happy Full Moon in Scorpio! Feels like it's gonna be a magical night-that could be spooky or thrilling, or both. Extended horoscopes are up for monthly subscribers (let me know if you didn't get your emailed password!) complete with questions & ritual suggestions. Details on how to get access are linked below. Currently running the Full Moon $15/30min. special as well. Just hit me up via Facebook or Insta if you're interested in a short yet sweet Scorpio style chat about you + Full Moon. 

This Full Moon got me fucked up, personally. For dayssss. It's been all saltwater for me. Super sensitive & intense- I mean, extra so since I'm a Scorpio. It's like being on a cleanse except emotionally. So much healing hidden underneath, though. I feel like before this Full Moon is the moment right before the baby Phoenix regenerates from the ashes. Your moment.

Do you trust you can rise again? 

It is Scorpio, so it feels like a full death-rebirth. Semi-breakdown, semi-revival. Seems sudden but you really know it's been coming for a while now. To me it feels like a pregnant pause; I've had to stop everything & be with myself. Shedding so many fears & scabs, who I was. Yet simultaneously feeling ready to birth a truer me. Pluto in serious Capricorn is playing with earth-bound Sun in Taurus too, so it's a totally process of elimination of what is now irrelevant, internally & externally. Sustainability. 



Here is some astral support from the Horoscopes if you need it. Read for your Rising and/or Sun Sign & you can subscribe for access to the extended versions!

Illuminating your sphere where your inner Phoenix lives, a Scorpio Full Moon is revelatory. Deep in the psyche is where our death-rebirth cycles are generated; if you've been in one of these processes you may receive closure/climax with this Full Moon. Because it is Taurus season there's a tangible, sensual current that you can ride through the intensity.

Taurus is about possessing resource. Scorpio is about sharing resource. Yes, Scorpio is self protective-that holds the boundaries for intimacy. The Full Moon is in your sphere of relationships/collaborations. Being intuitively strategic about why and with whom you share your resource (or yourself as a resource) is sustainable & safe. 

The devil is in the details. As much as I hate cliche sayings, this one seems appropriate for this Full Moon. Your sphere of day-to-day (health, work, domestics) is being powered by this sexy, succinct Scorpio approach. It is the moon so feelings are activated, especially those that have been brewing underneath. The way the mundane intertwines with the unseen & our internal databases is full of information.

A Scorpio Full Moon in your sphere of creation (art, children, self) feels like a full belly to me. Like a deep satisfaction in what has come to be. Orgasmic. Scorpio does rule sex, so that may be a theme…not necessarily the physical act but the raw, intimate way of relating to life. To the self. I hope you are feeling this. Whether in projects, or self-investments, or simple experiences that have been giving you life. 

Healing is not linear. It is cyclical. And really, the Scorpio New to Full Moon cycle is one of healing. We get some kind of closure, revelation, climax that makes it impossible to not see what is there. Festering wounds become open. Cleaning them out is hard, painful work. And no one can tell you how to do it. We want the formula, the bandaid, & that’s okay. To receive support. But you get to decide when you’re ready, when you’re done, & what you need. 

Your communications sphere gets lit up under this Moon. Communications = frequent interactions, perceptions, ideas, those in your immediate environment of influence, education, & any form of actual communication. You could be feeling/seeing many things that you did not before, making it clear where your output approaches need adjustment or what you will no longer tolerate from input. Virgo loves to clean up. 😃 

This feels like a time of stretching for you. It’s uncomfortable, vaguely (or not so) irritating, & extra restlessness is there to help too. You’re experimenting with who/what fits right & Jupiter is in Libra expanding your capacity for love, justice, & righteous relationship. Libra is before Scorpio. Libra get everything aligned so that when Scorpio goes deep, there’s a calibration point. What is recalibrating to you? 

What do boundaries to your giving feel like? Full Moons are drama & harvest & all that bright, shiny stuff. They’re big questions with big answers & I feel like the gates are open at such a time. What do you need to feel in-power? Power meaning free, full, flow…whatever you translate it as that allows for another person to take up their own space & you to take yours. Are you allowed to take up space? 

If you need to read it: I see you. I see that inner underworld that your workings rarely emerge from. I see the pain & the power that you keep to yourself. I see the transformations, the true Phoenix style revivals that keep your fires going. That keep you free. I see how sometimes it gets dark & lonely in there. I see you. 

"When people show you who they are, believe them."~Maya Angelou. Hold everything up to this light when evaluating your social circles, group projects, & friendships. It may also be helpful to consider believing yourself & who you’ve shown yourself to be, when deciding what to get involved in or what visions align with your work/mission. 

This is a really good work Moon. More about checking in with your motivations & desires, less about pushing through what doesn’t feel right anymore. If it doesn’t feel right Scorpio can’t give 100% without going numb. As Aqua Rising (or Sun), you need to be engaged in some way or you’ll float into outer space & maybe eventually combust. 

Solitude is highly recommended with this water Full Moon. I know not everyone has ease of access to that, so simplifying what’s on your agenda may be helpful. I’m feeling there may be a lot of closure around belief systems/perspectives that have been causing harm or that you want to integrate. This is a kind of alchemy that creates SPACE.

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