new moon in taurus {current mood}

New Moon in Taurus | 6 DEGREES
April 26 | 8:16 AM EST

This Dark Moon definitely has me having to let things flow, particularly in regard to money/plans. I'm seeing it as clearing space for the clarity & resonance I want. I also currently have lovely support, which I've waited a long time for without knowing. I hope support finds you if you need it, or that you can reach out. Let yourself be loved. Because we're always birthing...especially during New Moons. I'm running a special for this reason: 

April 25-27
You + natal chart + the New Moon.
$15 for 30min. via DM on Facebook/Insta or Phone Call
Paypal to reserve your spot & I'll contact you to schedule! 

From the secret Horoscopes page, which you can join anytime: 

I love the New Moon in Taurus because it’s lush springtime here & things are officially NOT winter. Aries got us moving and things fresh. Now with Taurus we’re grounding all the revelations & movement into sustainability & alignment. Taurus is ruled by Venus after all, so it’s not just feeling beautiful & feeling yourself. It’s what feels beautiful & you & WHY. Venus = Values. 

That’s where alignment comes in- we can sift through all the bullshit. And Taurus is excellent at sifting because they’re FOCUSED. Venus is still in underwater Pisces though, so this has an undertone of internal consciousness & how it’s informing collective consciousness. Whatever /we did with work/$$/love when Mars was in Taurus (March 9-April 21) was prep for this New Moon. 

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