sun in taurus {mermaid musings}

I'm feeling internal overwhelm with all the projects/shit I'm currently into, and I know the Sun in Taurus now, along with Mercury retrograde (even though it's back in Aries so fire, not earth), is gonna slow shit down. Normally, I would be very frustrated by this. Yet, the whole point of being astrally aware is to reduce pressure, to be in sync with the shifts and seasons, and to let yourself off the hook a little more. ;)

The cool thing about Taurus though is that we can slow things down but it doesn't mean nothing gets done- more may get done, actually. Because we're paying attention to patterns, we're more efficient when not rushing (#aries), & we're prioritizing health & happiness (the body). Whatever that translates as to you. Mars is in Gemini tomorrow, too. So multi-tasking & scurrying will be acceptable in certain arenas.

So, I wanted to share this moment with you, in case you are also feeling the overwhelm & the slow-down simultaneously. It's okay. Prioritize, simplify, & soak up nature as much as possible, if you can, & I think when Taurus season is done we'll find ourselves feeling FULL. Horoscopes for the New Moon in Taurus next Wednesday will be up for subscribers on Monday. You can join them here.

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