New Moon Prep {current mood}

Venus is direct! On May 19 it's officially back where the retrograde started, so now we're getting closure/clarity from this cycle. Being in Aries-Pisces, it has been so much about our relationship to ourselves & how that informs our values concerning collective consciousness. The unseen realms within us. In other words, who/what/where/when/why/how we will not fuck with certain people/places/things. Venus is in Pisces currently, so we're still feeling an ebb & flow in our interactions...

Sun is conjunct Uranus in Aries: there have been a lot of fires locally & a lot of random, erratic anger showcasing. Some egos are "out of control", some warriors are getting shit done. It's a chaotic vibe when Uranus is involved, but one that brings evolution. Aries is the SELF, so as externally as this is acting out, it's a super-personal transit. Where Sun-Uranus is in your chart right now is where you are RESTLESS & READY for change/fresh shit. Pluto in Cappy & Jupiter in lovely Libra are still involved in expanding & purging our psyches for what's next. Stay on your shit.

Mars is still in Taurus- what are you building? This is not only get shit done but get shit stable energy. Probably about love & $$- it's earth-bound Taurus after all. You're allowed to be human in the here & now while you invest into your empire. There is a New Moon in Taurus, Wednesday the 26th. Consider Mars in Taurus (March 9-April 21) your PREP for whatever you will be centering in intention/beginning with this New Moon. 

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