dark holy spaces {new moon prep}

before the aries new moon tomorrow it's a dark moon in pisces.


*please let yourself cry if the tears come. holding back could be detrimental to your psyche. if you needed permission, here it is. let that saltwater flow.

*what is ending is already finished. now is just when you let it go/ give it closure.

*at the risk of sounding cliche, please give yourself unconditional love. not just so you can be compassionate towards yourself, but also to others.

*please use your sacred boundaries (nonnegotiable intolerance of toxicity).

*under the shame, under the trauma, under the reactions, under the protection, under the conditioning: is fear.

*fears that rise to consciousness now are for absolving.

*please trust the process. trust yourself. trust Universe.

*I fuck up. WE fuck up. this radical, deep, resonant love is a practice. 

*use this dark holy time to get into your dark holy spaces.

*get ready to SHOW UP.


{these musings come from me to you freshly midwifed by The Jewyorican Bruja Priestess}