Happy Sun in Aries & the New offer

Aries game has already been strong, even during dreamy Pisces season. Mercury is freshly in Aries just as Mars moved out of it, and Venus and Uranus are in Aries too. The real reset vibe begins today (March 20th), when the Sun moves into Aries during Spring Equinox. I say reset because Aries brings us back to the beginning of the zodiac cycle. That Aries fire & energy for initiation is ON. 

Venus retro in Aries has me reevaluating relationships, particularly what my nonnegotiable values are & where I'm not willing to compromise. The rest of the Aries vibe has me getting everything fresh, relevant, & NOW. The clarity has been great, the navigation & juggling a little exhausting but real af. The drive is very present with Aries, so it may feel like a lot but YOU GOT THIS. 

So today things start moving even more quickly- try to stay in the now & soothe any impatience that comes up. Focus on what you can keep moving with, and let Venus retro do the work of keeping you aligned. 

Next Monday (the 27th) is the Aries New Moon, and we can get a little deeper with our intentions for this season; so pay attention to what wants/desires come up now. This is extra light on who you are & how you want to move forward. 

In honor of Sun into Aries resetting and restarting our astro-year, I've transitioned Monthly Astral Support into a format more aligned with my current capacity & future vision, & that I also feel is more accessible & interactive. It's still only $10 a month, for New and Full moon horoscopes & other support. So check that out here! 

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