warrior love {current mood}

We feeling that "get it" mode with Moon in Aries right now...especially since chaos-change god Uranus is conjunct, bringing home all the erratic energy. Fortunately, Mars is in Aries too now, where it thrives the strongest, so we can channel all the impulsive emotions of Aries moon with the reinvention vibe of Uranus into action. Making plans, initiating projects, beginning new shit has heightened access right now. GET ON IT. 

This is challenging the Jupiter in Libra zone of collaboration/compromise. Remember that integration of both, not one or the other, is essential. Meaning: get on that radical action (Aries vibe) while expanding relationships/collaborations (Jupiter in Libra) to align with social justice/revolution. Libra wants compromise when it's feeling inadequate or fearful. When we're strong in our beliefs & priorities of principle, we create opportunity for collaboration & authentic partnership. 

That whole opposition (Aries-Libra) is being squared [aspect of tension, adjustment] by Mercury, communication god, in Capricorn. We're [re]constructing ideas, communication habits, commitments, & information. This is fucking with the established structure of things, challenging our need for instant gratification & tradition, while expanding our capacity for true, radical love. Aries is a Warrior, Libra is a Lover. We can be both. We need to be both. 

Because, what are we fighting for? We have to love harder. Love is not a word which here means compromise, surrender, forgive, unconditionally accept. No. It means defend, protect, strengthen, heal. Warrior love. 

Squares are energy you can't go around, under, or over. You have to go THROUGH. Work through. Navigate. So it's important to be self-reflective. What are your values? What are your instincts? What are things you need to reconstruct within? Belief systems, habits, support systems. 

Venus (values) is in transcendental Pisces for a little bit longer: we are letting go of what we no longer value. When Venus goes into Aries, it'll be all about connecting with our instinctual needs, self-care, and taking ownership of our pleasure. 

The Eclipses are coming. We gotta get our shit together. Our magical shit. Our love shit. Our warrior shit. More on that next week...

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